In this game, it's all about people, and we meet a lot of personalities who inspire us. People who have guts, and no doubt. These kinds of forward-looking thinkers raise the bar with everything they do. Our customer TECO 2030 is a company filled with these minds. We sat down with their CEO, Tore Enger, to chat about how they take on one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.


Their mission reduces emissions

TECO 2030 and their technology aims to reduce emissions from growing global shipping volumes. They help their clients operate within the present maritime rules and legislations, as well as prepare them for the new standards coming shortly. It’s praiseworthy to see Enger’s passion shine when talking about their goals, and how they help the world go in a greener direction:

“As long as we don’t make too many mistakes, or the world goes under, we’re on to something great”, Enger proclaims.

With their hydrogen-based fuel cells as the ultimate solution, the shipping industry is moving closer towards zero emissions every day. Although the larger ships sailing across the globe is their main focus, the technology can be used for more. Enger tells us about their market;

“We aim for the big things. Our hydrogen-based fuel cells are made for everything that’s heavy-duty.”

Together with them on this journey, TECO 2030 cooperates closely with the power player AVL: the world's biggest independent developer of propulsion.

“AVL has 150 people dedicated to setting up production lines. That is something they’re helping us with. As well as developing prototypes”, Enger continues.

Recognition & support

Since 2019, TECO 2030 has had a list of key highlights with signed strategic partnerships, recognition & funding from major companies and organizations. Last year they got recognized by Innovation Norway, awarding them with 50mill NOK for their green solutions. Enger enthusiastically shares how this showcases that they’re on to something great. Also, he explains why it makes sense:

“Innovation Norway and the other companies who support us know our solution is solving a major problem. Moreover, as a business, they know that we know this market. Through our parent company, we’ve been in this market since 1994. We’re working with the same type of customers. At this point it’s just a part of who we are”, Enger says.

Producing green gold up North

One of the most exciting touchpoints for TECO 2030 is their new plant up north, which will be a combined innovation center and factory. This gigafactory is becoming Norway’s first large-scale production of hydrogen-based fuel cells.

“It was quite funny how we ended up with the plant up north! We were looking for the right location, and one day we got an email saying “We see that you’re looking for a new factory. We got one. Bring your coffee maker and get up here”. The next day, we went up there to have a look. The rest is history”.

Enger tells us how this location is perfect for their upcoming production, both for local and international projects. Located in Narvik, this facility has brought new life to its local surroundings, and the company aims to employ 500 people by the year 2030.

Setting up for the future with RamBase ERP

To prepare the company for a future with massive growth and production: TECO 2030 needed a full-flex, future-proof ERP system.

“We needed a system in place so that everything is running smoothly when the major production kicks off”, Enger says.

Like every strong relationship, TECO 2030 and RamBase started by getting to know each other and establishing trust. It’s simply about more than the technology itself. To see the solution in action and learn more about the possibilities, TECO 2030 visited Hatteland Technology. After that, we traveled together down to Poland and Autostore. Enger continues to tell the story of how it all came into place:

“We already had a good relationship with the Hatteland Group. Together with RamBase, we traveled down to Poland to see the system in place over at Autostore. Once we saw how it worked, it made sense right away”.

Enger continues to share some of the decision-makers for choosing RamBase:

“After our visit to Autostore, we brought RamBase with us down to AVL, who simply said that they were incredibly impressed with RamBase’s technology. At that point, it’s a no-brainer.”

Enger and TECO 2030 goes all-in with the Hatteland Group. They have already implemented EMP Secure's solutions for IT operations, and by implementing INOSA and RamBase they get future-proof management and ERP systems. This will support their growth and prepare them to handle complex needs.

These days, RamBase is going full throttle together with TECO 2030, preparing for a year full of new achievements and highlights. We’re excited that they chose RamBase as their ERP solution, but just as excited to be part of this green adventure.




Mock-up of a hydrogen-based fuel cell.
Mock-up of a hydrogen-based fuel cell.
Odd Magne Vea, CSO, RamBase with Tore Enger, CEO, TECO 2030.
Odd Magne Vea, CSO, RamBase with Tore Enger, CEO, TECO 2030.


About TECO 2030 ASA

Lysaker Torg 45
1366 Lysaker

+47 672 00 300http://www.teco2030.no

About TECO 2030:

TECO 2030 accelerates the green transition in the maritime sector by delivering technology that helps ships to reduce their environmental and climate impacts. TECO 2030 is developing hydrogen fuel cells that enable ships and other heavy-duty applications to become emissions-free. The company is also developing other solutions that can help the maritime industry to reduce its emissions, such as exhaust gas cleaning and carbon capture systems for ships. TECO 2030 was founded in 2019 and is headquartered at Lysaker, Norway. The company is listed on Euronext Growth on Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker TECO. TECO 2030 has its roots in the TECO Maritime Group, a group that has provided technology and repair services to the global shipping industry since 1994. For more information, please visit www.teco2030.no.

About Rambase:

RamBase is a cloud-based ERP solution that helps businesses within manufacturing and distribution gain control over their entire value chain from sales to production to delivery. Founded in 1992, RamBase is a Norwegian developed Software-as-a-Service system that was born in the cloud and is delivered by certified partners with extensive industry knowledge. RamBase is a complete business solution that provides full control by linking the value chain into one system that interacts, streamlines, and simplifies all your core processes. The system is equipped with a rich set of API’s and we encourage our partners and customers to develop smart industry solutions with our open building blocks. Jakob Hatteland Computer AS owns, host and promote RamBase. We have sales professionals ready to help you with your digital transformation in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK and Poland.

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TECO 2030 har mottatt støtte for å utvikle fremtidens høyhastighetsfartøy4.7.2022 07:00:00 CEST | Pressemelding

(Lysaker, Norge, 4. juli 2022) TECO 2030 ASA (OSE: TECO) leder et konsortium med partnerne Umoe Mandal og BLOM Maritime for å utvikle et hydrogendrevet høyhastighetsfartøy med null utslipp. Konsortiet vil motta inntil 5 millioner kroner i støtte. Fartøyet vil kombinere de klasseledende brenselcellesystemene fra TECO 2030 og energieffektiv katamarandesign med SES-teknologi fra Umoe Mandal. Fartøyet vil ha kapasitet til å frakte 200-300 passasjerer i hastigheter over 35 knop mens det seiler over lengre strekninger.

TECO 2030 has received funding for developing the high-speed vessel of the future4.7.2022 07:00:00 CEST | Press release

(Lysaker, Norway, July 4th 2022) TECO 2030 ASA (OSE: TECO) leads a consortium with partners Umoe Mandal and BLOM Maritime to develop a hydrogen powered high-speed vessel with zero emissions. The consortium will receive up to 5 million NOK in funding support. The vessel will combine the class-leading fuel cell systems from TECO 2030 and energy-efficient catamaran design with SES technology from Umoe Mandal. The vessel will have the capacity to transport 200-300 passengers at speeds above 35 knots while sailing over long distances.

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