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Adam Douglas sings about what makes him grateful


In the new single "Got Me Grateful", Douglas sends delightful and positive musical summer vibes your way!

Photo: Tommy Kristiansen
Photo: Tommy Kristiansen


New single from Adam Douglas - delivering delightful summer vibes and a positive message in an otherwise uncertain everyday life. Sometimes, one needs to pause and remind oneself of what truly matters. It's about enjoying the moments and appreciating life while you still have it, for it is truly short and valuable. 

Music by Adam Douglas himself, and the lyrics are co-written with R. Taylor. Adam Douglas says:

- I often feel overwhelmed by all the negativity (big and small) happening in today's society - both here in Norway and around the world. It's easy to focus on those things, and I think we should, you know. But, we need to do it with a large spoonful of gratitude, so to speak. 'When I think of what little time that we have, I can remember that the good outweighs the bad. So what - if today is rough and tomorrow is a drag! I don’t worry, I’m not in a hurry - cause your love is in the bag! And it’s got me grateful!'

The production is done with delightful playfulness. With the talented musicians Ruben Dalen (drums), Ruben Fredheim Oma (bass), and Thor Erik Fjellvang (keys), the backing track was recorded live. Drummer Ruben Dalen also served as the recording engineer and co-producer, and handled the mixing. Recorded at Urban Sound Studios in Oslo and Reva Recordings, Harestua. Mastered by Espen Høydalsvik at Oslo Fuzz.

Douglas made his solo debut in 2015 with the album "I May Never Learn." However, it wasn't until he participated in and won Stjernekamp on NRK in 2017 that he truly sang his way into the hearts of the Norwegian people. The following year, he released the critically acclaimed album "The Beauty & The Brawn" and has been touring extensively since. In March 2021, he released the studio album "Better Angels," and last autumn he released his fourth album "Dancing for the Moon." - A varied record that garnered a lot of positive attention, where Douglas showcases his unique ability as an artist to write and convey in a sincere and poignant manner.

Adam Douglas is going on tour this summer, and we have a lot of new music to look forward to. He concludes:

- There will be quite a few concerts this summer and completion of the album, which means a lot of new music on the way! More things to be grateful for, indeed!




Cover. Photo: Tommy Kristiansen
Cover. Photo: Tommy Kristiansen
Photo: Tommy Kristiansen
Photo: Tommy Kristiansen
Photo: Tommy Kristiansen
Photo: Tommy Kristiansen


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