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Trond Kallevåg presents a star-studded lineup on his first single from the upcoming album.


Together with a star-studded lineup of musicians, guitarist and composer Trond Kallevåg is releasing the first single, "Fargo," from his upcoming album, "Amerikabåten," which will be released in its entirety on November 10, 2023. The album extensively explores Trond's fascination with Norwegian-American culture, as well as mystery and stories from a time when the Norwegians were refugees.

Photo: Erlend Berge
Photo: Erlend Berge

Known for his cinematic and atmospheric music, Trond Kallevåg takes the listener on a journey to the northern and "Norwegian" American states with the song "Fargo." The track stands out from the rest of the album with its elements of kitsch, snow, and rose-painting, which could just as easily be the music for a spaghetti Western or a classic Cohen Brothers film.


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On this track, Trond plays the pedal steel guitar for the first time on his own solo release, following two Hubro releases where his Hubro colleague Geir Sundstøl took on this role – the same man who, after a concert in the USA, inspired the Cohen Brothers to create the character Gaer Grimsrud in the 1981 film "Fargo."

Following the success of his two critically acclaimed releases, "Bedehus & Hawaii" (2019) and "Fengselsfugl" (2021), Trond Kallevåg is back with his highly anticipated third album, "Amerikabåten," set to be released on November 10th. The album includes contributions from Daniela Reyes on accordion and Selma French on Hardingfele, both talented and emerging solo artists. He has also enlisted Fieh's drummer Ola Øverby, violin virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist Håkon Aase, and bassist Jo Berger Myhre, known from Nils Petter Molvær's band.

Single Cover: Aslak Gurholt, Photo: Rune Johansen

"Amerikabåten" is an exploration of my deep admiration and fascination for the peculiar and beautiful American culture, as well as the great dream and life aboard the “Amerikaboats” that transported so many Norwegians to America until the mid-1900s. A time when the sea was the only travel option. Many experienced the sea as a liberal haven where they dared to be themselves without the conformity of the time. The passage had a hypnotic allure for individualists and those who didn't fit in, often the newly religious and lawless. 

My grandparents could tell stories of several close relatives who went to America and never returned, usually the individualists and the restless. It was not uncommon for close relatives to go to America. This created cultural connections, especially along the Norwegian coast where I grew up." - Trond Kallevåg




Single Cover: Aslak Gurholt, Photo: Rune Johansen
Single Cover: Aslak Gurholt, Photo: Rune Johansen
Photo: Erlend Berge
Photo: Erlend Berge


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