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ZOOM announces Elevēo WFM


ZOOM International, the leader in driving customer experience through the emotion of the customer, today takes a major step in the Workforce Engagement Management market with the release of the Elevēo platform including the new Elevēo WFM. This announcement represents the culmination of two major milestone initiatives for ZOOM International, the release of a new Workforce Management product as well as their first native cloud platform “as a Service offering”.

Unlike other companies that continue to expand via mergers and acquisitions, Elevēo was created by ZOOM to ensure an optimized workflow and ease of use. Our industry is fragmented, and we wanted to help customers expand from spreadsheets and multiple vendors to one.

Forecasting and Scheduling Simplified

Anyone who works in a contact center will agree that administratively, managing a workforce is difficult, time consuming, and counter intuitive by nature. Even when the “herding cats” element of agents self-scheduling is removed, trying to align a staff (who may or may not be supportive of the effort) with best guess for coverage needs, the “math & science” portion of scheduling can be daunting. Top this off with the fact that in most scenarios, the scheduling effort is often an “extra duty” of supervisors in the contact center rather than their primary responsibility. The result is daunting at best and a truly difficult set of tasks to accomplish at worst.

ZOOM products have a reputation for being easy to grasp and master by their customers. In continuing the tradition of solving complex contact center problems with intuitive solutions, ZOOM has taken a deliberate and focused approach with Elevēo WFM. “The consistent and overwhelming feedback from both our customers and the commercial market is that the WFM landscape continues to build more and more features geared at the enterprise market”. The bells and whistles along with the algorithms are designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers instead of the vast majority of contact centers”, quips ZOOM CTO Bill Devlin.

Elevēo WFM is about delivering a powerful, intuitive solution less focused on features than on the creation of an ideal user experience with positive results. Elevēo WFM aims to reduce the stress and complexity commercial and mid-market customer face when using or evaluating traditional WFM solutions.

Native Cloud Powered

The Elevēo WFM product is only half of the story. ZOOM’s new product is powered by a new platform, designed with native cloud architecture, processes and software from the ground up. ZOOM has had a strong history of delivering reliable, scalable, secure solutions for both premise and hosted deployment models with 2000+ deployments in over 90 countries. Until now, ZOOM did not offer any products “as a Service”. Elevēo is about to change that.

Under the hood Elevēo is powered by cloud native software including Kubernetes, Docker, Prometheus, Grafana, Kafka, Helm, Packer, and many more. Devlin comments, “we have a vision to create a single code base deployable anywhere — whether your needs drive you to a premise, cloud, hybrid or as a Service model, ZOOM will be there every step of the way." He continues: "Our customers’ infrastructure needs are very diverse. Elevēo addresses those needs head on. We will not shackle customers to bare metal, VMWare, Hyper-V, Azure, AWS, or any other set of infrastructure. What we will do is offer customers the same business benefits of a deploy anywhere native cloud solution with high scalability, reliability, elasticity, security and flexibility.”

The Road to Elevēo

For its debut, Elevēo will be available as a service-based cloud product targeted for commercial WFM customers. In the months that follow, Elevēo’s footprint will evolve to incorporate more features from the ZOOM suite culminating in its availability for deployment on premise, hybrid, or in the cloud. ZOOM’s culture of innovation is fueling some bold visions from CTO Devlin, “we aim to have workflow driven automation across our WEM platform which leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence, speech and text analytics and NLP. We are using these technologies to create single click workflows for quality management and custom forecasting algorithms for commercial customers using artificial intelligence and machine learning, and we are just getting started."

Elevēo WFM is slated for launch by the end of July 2019

About Elevēo by ZOOM International

Elevēo was formed to provide easy to use, results oriented software. Elevēo does not complicate or overwhelm customers with unnecessary features that increase time on task, training and workflows. Our products help you get results. To date ZOOM’s award-winning products and services have helped over 2200 customers and partners worldwide, ranging from sub-100 agent contact centers to brands like Amerigas, IBM, Homecredit, Finansbank, Tata Sky, Generali, Allianz, and Vodafone spanning 90 Countries.

ZOOM has an 86 NPS Score from our customers for the trailing 365 days (as of 1 May 2019).

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