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Wemade Updates MIR4 with New Class ‘Darkist’ to Bend All to Her Will


Wemade's blockbuster MMORPG MIR4 added a new class, “Darkist,” with the update on March 7th, 2023.

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MIR4 reveals new class update “Darkist” on March 7th, 2023 (Graphic: Wemade)

The “Darkist” class decays and destroys the enemy with ranged spell attacks, standing specializing in attacks using potent poison and caustic curses.

This class can attack multiple enemies with chains of blood to recover health, and use forbidden spells to temporarily wield power beyond all limits. And with her ultimate, she can become incarnate of “Asura,” lord of hell, for a short while. Asura's skills will allow her to greatly increase her spell attack and terrifies nearby monsters, reducing their movement speed.

To celebrate the release of the “Darkist” class, MIR4 is holding the “Darkness 14-day Check-in Event” from March 7th to April 3rd, 2023. Users can receive various items depending on the number of attendances in the event, such as “Divine Dragon's Blessing,” and “Class Creation Ticket,” which allows a character's class to be changed to another class, including the Darkist class.

Moreover, each time a character reaches a certain level, various items such as four types of Darkist exclusive Epic weapons and equipment, “Epic Advancement Draught,” which increases EXP gain by 100%, Summon Tickets, and Tickets can be obtained. The “Divine Dragon's Blessing” event will also be held, giving users the opportunity to attempt to combine items again.

And the “Reaper Bead Exchange Shop” event will be held until March 20th, 2023. Users can bring "Reaper Bead" items obtained from hunting monsters to the NPC 'Darkness' Reaper who is located in major cities of each region to exchange them with gift boxes that contain various Summon Tickets and items such as “Epic Azureum Mineral Fluid,” “Epic Prosperity Draught,” and more, with different amounts of "Bead" items.

From My Battle, To Our War! Detailed information on MIR4 can be found on the official website.

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