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Verimatrix Brings Effortless Application Security to the Masses, Launches New ProtectMyApp Service for Developers


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Verimatrix Introduces ProtectMyApp Service - Is Your App Secure? (Photo: Business Wire)

Verimatrix Introduces ProtectMyApp Service - Is Your App Secure? (Photo: Business Wire)

Verimatrix (Paris:VMX), a global provider of security and analytics solutions that protect devices, services and applications, today announced the launch of ProtectMyApp, a groundbreaking new service designed to bring cost-effective mobile application security to developers — providing an unmatched level of simplicity and speed to the protection phase of app development.

With rampant reverse engineering and tampering activities that can lead to potentially devastating vulnerabilities, financial losses and data theft, today’s mobile application developers seek an answer to ever-mounting cyber threats. Developers can now sign up at and easily upload their final, compiled applications and receive the protected application back in just minutes without the need for security expertise.

“This is where application security is moving. It is a first-of-its-kind cloud service that truly changes how developers of all sizes can approach protection,” said Asaf Ashkenazi, chief strategy officer at Verimatrix, previously known as Inside Secure. “Facing time, budget and talent hurdles, ProtectMyApp handles the heavy lifting for developers that face the daunting threats we see every day in the press. Now, they simply upload their application, and receive it back protected. What previously required extensive expertise, time and effort, is now efficiently offered by an intelligent automated service that optimizes protection without compromising performance or user experience.”

Sign Up to Protect against Today’s Most Advanced Threats
Once subscribed to the service at, for a limited time, users are offered one free protection of an application on iOS and Android. Protection takes place on demand at any time, for any version, including updates to the application. The cloud-based service is the answer to the industry’s most acute problems, including:

  • Compromised Devices – Jailbroken/rooted devices, hooking frameworks, debuggers and emulators pose huge risks because they break down defenses that operating systems provide to the apps running on the device.
  • Reverse Engineering – Attackers analyze apps to learn secrets and gain knowledge needed to launch an attack on an app.
  • Repackaging – Though it does not get the headlines it deserves, malware is often delivered by repackaging a legitimate application, which involves pulling apart an original app, adding code and republishing it to look and act genuine when it is really a trojan horse for attackers.
  • Rogue Access – Most apps connect to a cloud service. Since an app is considered relatively trusted by its service, it directly accesses the service, bypassing the service’s firewalls and other network protection mechanisms. A compromised app can be used to bypass the service’s network protections, discover vulnerabilities in the service’s interface, and compromise the service.

Works on All Types of Applications
ProtectMyApp is packed with security techniques that protect against the above-mentioned threats, which can damage reputation, adversely affect revenue and compromise sensitive data. Whether an application is designed to be an interface, such as an airline or vehicle app, or an application serves as the actual business interface, such as banking, gaming or medical services, ProtectMyApp is a simple, innovative choice for developers that need reassurance and peace of mind.

Its unique features allow developers to:

  • Protect – Uses automated protection that does not require manually setting protection points. Intelligent optimization provides the best balance between security and performance while unparalleled self-protection capabilities are independent of device/operating system security level.
  • Detect – Combines client security with powerful cloud intelligence to detect potential disasters in advance. Application protection data is sent to ProtectMyApp, which uses powerful analytics technology to provide security alerts to developers.
  • Act – Arms developers with the ability to terminate application execution when an imminent threat is detected. Developers can easily eliminate exploits before damage is done, deny access to service for applications running on emulators or debuggers, and block cloned or repackaged applicationss from access to the service.

“ProtectMyApp is a powerful service that protects applicationss in minutes — all through an affordable monthly service subscription that can make the difference between a smartphone app vulnerability that is exploited and a vulnerability that was never discovered,” Ashkenazi continued. “This type of service is a true industry first, enabling application developers to automate protection using a proven technological leader without breaking the bank.”

About Verimatrix
Verimatrix (Euronext Paris – VMX) is a global provider of security and analytics solutions that protect devices, services and applications across multiple markets. Many of the world’s largest service providers and leading innovators trust Verimatrix to protect systems that people depend on every day for mobile apps, entertainment, banking, healthcare, communications and transportation. Verimatrix offers easy-to-use software solutions, cloud services and silicon IP that provide unparalleled security and business intelligence. Proud to empower and protect its customers for more than two decades, Verimatrix serves IoT software developers, device makers, semiconductor manufacturers, service providers and content distributors. For more information, visit

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