TECO 2030 launches next-generation marine emission reduction system – The TECO 2030 Future Funnel


The TECO 2030 Future Funnel is a revolutionary marine emission reduction system developed to comply with not only existing but even upcoming and far stricter regulations in the marine industry.

TECO 2030 Future Funnel Concept Vessel.
TECO 2030 Future Funnel Concept Vessel.

“TECO 2030 Future Funnel is a unique concept of next generation marine emission reduction system. The system will be ready for future regulations, and in line with the initial IMO Greenhouse Gas (GHG) strategy. The Future Funnel will allow ships to reduce sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, black carbon and particulate matter emissions. In addition, the system will be equipped with carbon capture and storage capabilities. The unique Future Funnel solution can provide shipowners with “Ultra Low Emission Vessel” (ULEV) notation. Since more than 40 percent of the fuel mix in 2050 is expected to be fossil fuels, the Future Funnel will be a significant contributor to the IMO GHG goals,” said Tore Enger, CEO of TECO 2030 ASA.

The concept builds on the first generation TECO 2030 Future Funnel with additional developments. Integration of the additional emission reduction modules will start in early 2021.

The system is being developed in close collaboration with TECO 2030’s long-term partner AVL in Austria.

”This will be the most comprehensive emission reduction system for shipowners looking towards future proofing their vessel operations on fossil fuel. The concept enables shipowners to receive Ultra Low Emission Vessel (ULEV) and Low Emission Vessel (LEV) class notation even when running on high sulphur fuel oil. This technology will also be an add-on to vessels that already have installed exhaust gas cleaning systems,” said TECO 2030’s Chief Development Officer, Mr. Shyam Thapa.

TECO 2030 is proud to publish its newest video showing the vision of its next generation technology, the TECO Future Funnel. Please view the new TECO 2030 Future Funnel video: https://youtu.be/zcWr4TmGjYc.

For more details and participation in this project please contact TECO 2030 at futurefunnel@teco2030.no

TECO 2030 ASA’s CEO Tore Enger will participate at the Decarbonizing Shipping Virtual Forum on December 15th at 13:50 (CET) to talk about “The Pathways to Decarbonization”. Please visit their website for more information: https://virtualshippingforum.com/.



TECO 2030 Future Funnel Concept Vessel.
TECO 2030 Future Funnel Concept Vessel.



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About TECO 2030 ASA

TECO 2030 ASA (OSE: TECO) aims to tackle one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time: How to combine growing global shipping volumes with reduced emissions. We believe the shipping industry can move to zero emissions by implementing new technologies, with hydrogen-based fuel cells as the ultimate solution. TECO 2030 is an innovative engineering and equipment development company aiming to significantly increase the use of renewable energy and reduce the environmental footprint of the shipping industry. It is a spinoff from the TECO Group, which has served major maritime customers since 1994. Headquartered at Lysaker outside Oslo, Norway, the group has about 135 land-based employees at 12 office locations worldwide, in addition to about 300 workers out on projects. TECO 2030 – powering the maritime industry's transition to renewable energy. www.teco2030.no

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