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Lyfecycle, Extreme E and Neat Burger release limited edition Greenland 2021 ‘Reach for Change’ bracelet


Lyfecycle has teamed up with plant-based burger chain Neat Burger and Extreme E, the electric offroad racing series, on a mission to build greater awareness about plastic pollution and the need for action, through the creation of a ‘Reach for Change’ limited edition bracelet.

Lyfecycle, created by British innovators Polymateria, aims to tackle the global plastic pandemic. Lyfecycle’s unique technology allows every chance for recycling to happen and offers a “Plan B” for the 32 per cent of plastic that escapes the circular economy and winds up in the natural environment. Through time-set biodegradation, Lyfecycle products return to nature in a little over a year, leaving no toxins or microplastics behind, compared to the thousands of years it is estimated that typical plastics take to break down.

It is estimated that the Arctic Ocean ice contains 12,000 particles of microplastic per litre – higher than in any other ocean in the world. Scientists predict that over time these small particles trap heat within sea ice, which accelerates melting associated with global climate change.

Inspired by nature and powered by science, the ‘Reach for Change’ bracelet features one-of-a-kind sustainable beads repurposed from Lyfecycle cups used at Extreme E’s Arctic X Prix, an adjustable cord from recovered plastic bottles, and a recycled fair trade silver emblem. It is a tangible example of how Lyfecycle materials designed for biodegradation can also be upcycled into high value items such as jewellery thanks to the unique time-set biodegradation property. Redefining the way we think about and design plastics is essential if we are to solve the plastic pandemic.

All bracelets also come with some educational facts about plastic pollution and the steps we can all adopt to help us to lower our daily usage, and recycle more. It serves as a daily reminder that small actions when multiplied by millions contribute to a big change.

The campaign is set to launch during the 2021 Extreme E race in Kangerlussuaq, where attendees will be asked to get involved and help spread the message.

The competition will also be extended to Game Changers across the world, who are taking small steps toward making a positive impact on the environment. Consumers are encouraged to enter for a chance to win at 50 winners will be announced on September 15, 2021. Each winner will receive two bracelets, one for themselves and one to gift to another Game Changer.

Niall Dunne, CEO of Polymateria said: “Our collaboration with fellow disruptors Neat Burger and Extreme E is to provide industry with an example of how recycling and biodegradation can work together and put consumers at the heart of the type of change we need to see to address plastic pollution at scale.”

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Extreme E said: “Extreme E is a platform to accelerate change. We bring disruptive innovators together and push boundaries not only in motorsport but across all industries. It is the adoption of new technologies that we want to promote because they have the power to improve our world.

“Lyfecycle is a great example of a solution to plastic pollution that works and can be scaled immediately whereas the limited-edition bracelet is a reminder that everyone has a role to play and action has to come from every corner.”

Stasi Nychas, Co-Founder and COO at Neat Burger said: “We are delighted to team up with Lyfecycle on a campaign that echoes our values. As the world’s first plant-based sustainable burger chain, we are committed to championing environmental sustainability and playing our part in positively impacting the environment. Therefore, we are proud to have partnered with Lyfecycle, whose team is dedicated to spreading awareness and promoting solutions to plastic pollution.”


About Lyfecycle:

Lyfecycle is a new solution from British Innovators Polymateria to tackle the global plastic pandemic. The unique Lyfecycle technology allows every chance for recycling to happen and offers a “Plan B” for the 32% of plastic that escapes the circular economy and winds up in the natural environment. Through time-set biodegradation, Lyfecycle products return to nature in a little over a year leaving no toxins and microplastics behind.

Lyfecycle packaging solutions give individuals a more easily achievable way to take small actions toward responsible disposal that will have an immediate and global positive impact on the environment. Through collaborative partnerships, awareness building, and scientific innovation, Lyfecycle’s goal is to ignite action and cause a ripple effect that will solve ocean pollution, and leave the planet in a better place for generations to come.

About Extreme E:

Extreme E is a radical new racing series, which will see electric SUVs competing in extreme environments around the world which have already been damaged or affected by climate and environmental issues. The five-race global voyage highlights the impact of climate change and human interference in some of the world’s most remote locations and promotes the adoption of electric vehicles in the quest for a lower carbon future for the planet.

About Neat Burger:

Founded in collaboration with F1 legend Lewis Hamilton, the group is loved by plant-based and meat eaters alike, serving up a fresh approach to vegan dining while satisfying everyone’s craving for American style food that tastes just like the real thing. Neat Burger works in association with The Eden Projects where for every product sold, a tree is planted.

About Anchor & Crew:

Combining British craft manufacturing with a discerning modern-minimalist style, ANCHOR & CREW is a jewellery and accessories brand that is both multi-award winning ever since 2014 and believers in having a highly ethical and traceable supply chain. ANCHOR & CREW is driven to empower consumers to make the right choice with radical transparency and enact change within their industry.

Honorable Mentions:

Carbon-neutral cup supplier Cupstorys, Imperial College London, Protolabs, and Lyfecycle’s own innovation labs that made this unique piece of jewellery possible.

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Liepa Olsauskaite, Head of Brand Activation, Polymateria

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