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FEELM Wins 4 Red Dot Awards for Product Design 2022 for Innovative Atomization Products


FEELM, the flagship atomization tech brand belonging to SMOORE, today announced that it has been awarded Red Dot Awards for Product Design 2022 for 4 innovative atomization products, including the world's thinnest ceramic coil vape pod solution FEELM Air, eco-friendly non-nicotine disposable e-cigarette, and anti-dust mouthpiece hygienic e-cigarette. By virtue of creative product ideas and avant-garde design, these award-winning atomization products showcase FEELM's industry-leading product innovation capabilities.

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Taking FEELM Air for example, it is well-known as the world's thinnest vape pod solution with ceramic coil. As the latest vape pod solution of FEELM, the thickness of FEELM Air is reduced by 25%, compared with the last generation, to only 7.8 mm. It looks smarter and more sophisticated while maintaining the same e-liquid volume and battery capacity. In addition to the ultra-slim body, FEELM has also developed a flat mouthpiece for this product to deliver the most comfortable mouthfeel.

FEELM Air is made with integrated cold-forging technology, which is widely used in automotive engineering, to create a high-strength, high-precision seamless product form. With an ultra-slim body and smooth curved surface, the ergonomic design allows vapers to grip the device with ease.

In terms of user’s experience, the breathing light enables joyful human-device interaction. The light goes on and off when puffing. Meanwhile, the industry's smallest linear motor offers an unprecedented Shock-wave Mode, bringing users delicate vibrations and interactive vaping experience, so that users can feel the resonance in every puff.

Debuting at FEELM New Technology Launch Event in London in January 2022, FEELM Air boasts 7 major breakthroughs in vaping experience, including harm reduction, flavor reproduction, and leakage-proof performance. “FEELM Air will be soon launched in overseas markets,” said Frank Han, President of FEELM and Vice President of SMOORE at SMOORE 2021 Financial Results Conference. Taking a differentiation strategy, FEELM has developed this ultra-slim vape pod solution, to distinguish itself from others and appeal to consumers with minimalist design.

In addition, FEELM also demonstrates its environmental awareness with the eco-friendly non-nicotine disposable e-cigarette. Unlike traditional disposable e-cigarettes made of plastic, the external structure of the product is composed of recyclable and reusable paper and aluminum foil. It looks like a paper foil pouch and itself serves as a packaging bag, thereby reducing the consumption of packaging materials. FEELM designers found this product design inspiration from the daily use foil pouch. The special packaging and compact size provide a soft and comfortable grip, and make it easy to peel and use. As a green vaping product, it is also nicotine-free and could keep breath fresh.

The other award-winning FEELM atomization product is the anti-dust mouthpiece hygienic e-cigarette, which features a twist nozzle to prevent dust falling on the mouthpiece. Users can hide the mouthpiece into the device to avoid contact with something unclean, as they are more concerned with personal hygiene during COVID-19 pandemic. The product concept originated from lipsticks, making it intuitive to use. As a pioneering disposable e-cigarette, this product has laid a foundation for future FEELM product series that features hygiene.

"In the coming summer, FEELM will launch an innovative disposable e-cigarette series with anti-dust mouthpiece hygienic design, to provide users with a healthier vaping experience,” said Totom Lu, Director of FEELM Design Team. “In the near future, we also intend to introduce eco-friendly disposable e-cigarettes made of green materials, to reduce environmental impacts and carbon emissions of FEELM products."

As an emerging vaping product category, the disposable vape has been growing in popularity since 2020. By March 2022, the global market size of disposable vapes has reached 2.287 billion US dollars.

In February 2020, the U.S FDA banned e-cigarettes with flavors other than tobacco and menthol, in a bid to address youth vaping epidemic. However, the flavor ban is not applied to disposable vapes. Such loophole leads to the proliferation of disposable vapes with various sweet and fruity flavors.

The popularity of disposable vapes raises increasing concern about not only youth vaping, but also environmental impacts of used disposable vapes. Most disposable vapes, including Puff Bar, are made of plastic and contains lithium batteries, which are difficult to recycle.

Committed to sustainable product designs, FEELM Design Team has been working on replacement of traditional plastic with biodegradable materials, such as paper and bagasse. It is also exploring the application of highly reusable materials, including aluminum, in e-cigarettes. Moreover, FEELM Design Team attempts to make batteries easy to disassemble, encouraging the recycling of disposable vapes.

“FEELM has been aware that currently most disposable vapes are very similar in design and appearance, and appeal to consumers with diverse flavors,” according to Totom Lu. “The two award-winning products illustrate FEELM’s development roadmap for disposable vapes. FEELM will design eco-friendlier and more pioneering products, and has already developed nicotine-free disposable vape to address increasing harm reduction requirements.”

As FEELM's product innovation engine, FEELM Design Team integrates design aesthetics with cutting-edge electronic atomization technologies, to provide clients and consumers with the premium product experience. Founded in 2018, FEELM Design Team is composed of talented designers who are experienced in product design in various sectors, such as digital arts, consumer electronics, and smart home. With multi-cultural backgrounds and cross-industry experience, FEELM Design Team is committed to exploring, identifying and preemptively addressing consumers' needs.

Moving forward, FEELM products will adopt more advanced algorithms to enable intelligent heating and temperature control, so as to match with different e-liquids for better flavor reproduction and further improve harm reduction performance.

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