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Aqara Releases Hub M3 to Global Markets


Aqara, a leading provider of smart home products, announced the global availability of its next-generation Matter hub, the Hub M3. Designed with a focus on edge computing, the M3 prioritizes privacy and local automation capabilities that can operate independently of internet connection or even the hub itself1. Thanks to the versatile connectivity built-in, it seamlessly integrates Aqara accessories, infrared-compatible gadgets and a number of third-party Matter devices, making it a central point for smart home automation while ensuring privacy and easy setup.

“Aqara is committed to creating the ultimate smart home experience that continuously adapts to users’ evolving needs,” said Cathy You, Aqara Senior Vice President of Global Business and Strategy. “The Hub M3's edge computing capabilities will provide users with an added layer of stability and safety, while its Matter compatibility will significantly enhance interoperability and choice for users."

Debuted at CES in January, the M3 stands out as an Edge Hub by enabling not only data privacy through end-to-end encrypted, local storage but also advanced, local automation capabilities. For Aqara users who already own an Aqara Zigbee hub, deploying a Hub M3 further strengthens the robustness of their smart home networks. Moreover, it enables more local automations between Aqara devices. Once added to the network, the M3 takes a lead over other Aqara Zigbee hubs and Wi-Fi devices, and allows automation between these devices to execute on the Edge instead of over the cloud, ensures continued functionality during internet or cloud service disruptions2. The Hub M3 also allows select Aqara Zigbee devices with Repeater functionality to act as a proxy hub and execute automations in the absence of M3. Upcoming Aqara Thread devices with Mesh Extender functionality are expected to support device binding via the M3.

As the latest evolution in Aqara’s lineup of smart home control centers, the M3 supports multiple protocols including Thread, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared (IR), making it a comprehensive hub for smart home management. It connects and manages the lineup of classic Aqara Zigbee devices, serving as a Matter bridge3. Thanks to the 360° IR blaster, the new hub optimizes control of IR-enabled devices by syncing their status directly with Aqara Home whenever an IR remote is utilized. Moreover, the M3 integrates the latest Aqara Thread devices as well as select Matter-compatible devices from third-party brands to Aqara Home4. This means that users can connect and manage devices from different brands and ecosystems within the Aqara Home app to ensure maximum flexibility and compatibility.

Other enhancements of the Hub M3 include:

  • Matter bridge for infrared AC units: It can integrate an infrared-compatible air conditioning unit or air-to-air heat pump to Matter, allowing for AC control and automation via Matter-enabled platforms5.
  • Seamless group migration: Users can easily migrate bridged device from older Aqara hubs to the M32, ensuring continuity of Aqara Home settings and automations without the need to reconfigure each device.
  • Enhanced internet connectivity: The M3 features dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz) with WPA3 security as well as a PoE-enabled port, offering enhanced stability and flexibility.
  • Powerful speaker: The 95dB speaker built-in can be used for home security alerts and custom announcements.

The Hub M3 is now available at Aqara’s Amazon brand stores throughout North America (US, Canada), Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, UK) and Asia (Japan), as well as through select Aqara retailers worldwide.

For more information on the M3, please visit our website.

1. Some Aqara Home automation may require Internet and cloud service to function, for example, automations involve push notifications and location services (e.g., geofencing, local weather, sunrise/sunset).
2. Edge automation and group migration are not supported by the original Aqara Hub and Camera Hub G2H.
3. Not all Aqara Zigbee devices can be bridged to Matter.
4. Third-party Matter device support is limited to select brands and device types by the time of M3 launch.
5. The functionality of infrared AC units may vary depending on each particular Matter-enabled platform. Each M3 hub can bridge one infrared AC unit to Matter.

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