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B2Core’s New iOS Update That Traders Have Been Waiting For - Why It Matters?


In its strive to deliver the best customer relationship management tools and innovations, B2Core raises the bar with a new update onboarding the renowned cTrader trading software.

The new V1.20 iOS mobile update saw the revamping of user experience and layout design, making trading easier and more functional for traders of all types. This update sets a new standard for B2Core’s comprehensive services, bringing more tools to the user’s hands.

cTrader x B2Core

cTrader is a popular trading software used by several service providers and key players in the industry. Most brokerage firms and large financial institutions include cTrader in their offering as a reliable trading arm.

The software is known for its simplicity and high functionality, incorporating the most recent trading tools and trends like copy trading and other automated trading models to attract traders of all experiences. The data focus and in-depth market analysis are what set cTrader apart from other trading platforms in the market, besides its commitment to understanding and serving user’s demands in the best possible way.

Many traders prefer cTrader because it is easy to use and includes a variety of asset classes and securities.

What Can Users Expect From The New B2Core Update?

Users are going to love this update because of the many updates and changes it provides.

New Trading Experience

The update combined the best of both worlds, B2Core and cTrader, to provide the most robust tools and CRM technologies for the user. Monitoring the market and executing different market orders have been simplified with a straightforward user interface.

Traders can now do everything in one place, such as registering, passing KYC, transferring funds and more on any trading software, whether MT or cTrader. The merger brings more news analysis, market insights and charting options and functions directly on the app without switching between cTrader and B2Core this time, making the user’s experience easier.

More Tradables With Better Liquidity

Traders can find more CFD offerings in several markets, including stocks, commodities or indices, where traders can diversify their portfolios.

The update takes advantage of B2Broker’s liquidity service across more than 1,000 financial instruments and securities to explore more options to trade and gain in the financial markets.

Beyond the standard forex offerings, the added support for CFD asset class trading opens up a new world of trading opportunities for our users. Whether it's commodities, indices, or stocks, traders have a diverse range of assets to choose from.

Financial Outcome Update

The update brings a new feature that matters to every trader: real-time profit & loss update, showing the outcomes of every trading decision and market order on the trader’s financial well-being.

Traders can now receive timely market information and insights that help make informed market decisions using data-focused newsfeeds.

Easier Account Configuration

Users can now find more tools in their account settings, with simplified functionality for depositing and executing trades. Account management is now better, with faster deposits and withdrawals to ensure quick execution and timely decisions.

Revamped App With an Improved UX

Despite the tremendous arrival of cTrader to the B2Core app, there are other fascinating features on the app.

The new update includes performance enhancements with improved design on widgets and tools. The “trading pairs” function is part of the update. Users can also see limits when depositing or withdrawing funds according to the given currencies, focusing on service transparency.

Updates also included MetaTrader software, specifically on the calendar and ticket management of the Helpdesk on MT4/5. Users can now have more clarity on the tickets they issued and monitor the customer support process.


The new B2Core iOS app update brings a whole new perspective to trading and CRM technology, onboarding cTrader to its platform and integrating more tools and functions to make the user experience smoother.

The new features aim to make the trading experience seamless, bundling all services in one place, supported by various analytical tools that every trader seeks.

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