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KAYTUS Unveils Next-Generation Liquid Cooling Servers, Driving Sustainable Growth for Emerging Applications


KAYTUS, a leading provider of IT infrastructure products and solutions, showcased its cutting-edge liquid cooling servers for the first time at the recent OCP Global Summit. By reducing energy consumption by over 60%, KAYTUS products can address the cooling challenges brought by emerging applications with high-power computing, such as generative AI and large language models, driving the sustainable development of data centers.

The high cooling demands of emerging applications and global compliance challenges drive the development of green computing

Currently, with the flourishing development of emerging applications such as generative AI, large language models, and digital humans, the power consumption in chips and server nodes is continually increasing due to the demands for massive computing. Chip power consumption has escalated from 500 W to 700 W and is projected to exceed 1,000 W in the near future, imposing even more rigorous requirements on overall system cooling. At the same time, major countries worldwide have introduced legal regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions in data centers, promoting compliant business practices. For example, the European Union has initiated the "Green Deal", which emphasizes the requirement to achieve carbon neutral by 2050. The EU's Energy Efficiency Directive mandates data centers with IT power demand exceeding 100 kilowatts to publicly disclose their energy performance annually. The state of Oregon in the United States is currently in the process of drafting a rule that demands a 60% reduction in electricity consumption for data centers by 2027.

Faced with the pressing need for efficient cooling and energy savings, KAYTUS is accelerating the development of green computing by optimizing components, software, and systems, in order to achieve sustainability without compromising on performance. At the component level, KAYTUS has optimized the design for fans, airflow passages, heatsinks, and power supplies, resulting in a 30% or more increase in cooling efficiency. On the software side, KAYTUS has implemented multiple energy-saving measures through management software, reducing overall server power consumption by 16%. At the system level, KAYTUS supports various cooling solutions, including air-liquid hybrid and 100% liquid cooling, to lower server temperatures, thereby achieving a PUE of below 1.1 in liquid cooling data centers.

Liquid cooling is supported by KAYTUS's entire server family, with the 100% liquid cooling cabinet drawing special attention

Currently, cold-plate liquid cooling is supported by KAYTUS's entire server family, including general-purpose servers, multi-node servers, and rack server, marking a comprehensive embrace of liquid cooling technologies. During the OCP Global Summit, KAYTUS showcased its all liquid-cooling cabinet, which garnered special attention. This state-of-the-art cabinet achieves 100% liquid cooling, effectively realizing a true "air-conditioning-free" and remarkably streamlined system. In terms of air-conditioning-free operation, the all liquid-cooling cabinet utilizes cold plates and a liquid cooling rear door that fully leverages natural cooling, to dissipate all of the servers' heat through natural cooling sources. This approach leads to over 60% of energy savings when compared to traditional air cooling server rooms. At the system level, the all liquid-cooling cabinet employs medium- and high-temperature water supplied directly by the primary loop cooling source in the liquid cooling system. This eliminates the need for low-temperature chilled water generated by compressors and negates the necessity for air conditioning and outdoor chillers. The all liquid-cooling cabinet not only guarantees low energy consumption but also delivers a high computing power density, making it particularly well-suited for high-density computing node scenarios within small data centers.

KAYTUS adheres to a green and sustainable development philosophy and plans to introduce more high-performance and energy-efficient servers with new cooling methods in the future, thus better supporting emerging application scenarios and accelerating the development of green data centers.


KAYTUS is a leading provider of IT infrastructure products and solutions, offering a range of cutting-edge, open, and environmentally-friendly infrastructure products for cloud, AI, edge, and other emerging scenarios. With a customer-centric approach, KAYTUS flexibly responds to user needs through its agile business model. Learn more at

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