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Unlimited Democracy - Verein zur Förderung der Demokratisierung - November 27th Proclaimed Worldwide Disinformation Awareness Day


“Today, disinformation is a global threat to both democracy and Public Health,” says the disinformation awareness advocate, Media Literacy trainer and initiator of #DisinfoDay, Dietmar Pichler (Twitter @dietmarpichler1).

Vienna, Austria: The co-founder of the Center for Digital Media Literacy (, and political advisor at Unlimited Democracy (; sees Media Literacy as the only “vaccine” against disinformation: “I am very happy that we are proclaiming the first Worldwide Disinformation Awareness Day on November 27th under the umbrella of Unlimited Democracy in order to raise awareness of this extremely important issue."

What is Disinformation?

Disinformation is false information, created with the intent to harm a certain group, nation, person or organization, whilst Misinformation is unintentionally spread false information, sometimes initiated by a misunderstanding.

Unlimited Democracy founder Anna Pattermann (Twitter @PattermannAnna):

“Where disinformation dominates, democracy comes under pressure. We have to do something about it and this day is another big step in the defense of democracy, which is a special concern of mine as a Ukrainian."

We will not be able to stop this phenomenon completely, but our joint effort should be to handle the problem as good as we can and Media Literacy is the most effective defensive weapon in this “information war”.  


Dietmar Pichler


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