Touax: ERRATUM Details on the reading of the 2020 revenues from activities previously published in the Press Release of March 24, 2021


PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                                  Paris, March 29, 2021 – 5.45 p.m.



Details on the reading of the 2020 revenues from activities previously published in the Press Release of March 24, 2021

Touax is publishing today details on the table of revenue from activities by quarter and by division published in the appendix to the press release of March 24, 2021 on FY 2020 results, for the River Barges and Containers divisions.

The specified table is below:


Revenue from activities
(in € thousands)
Q1 2020Q2 2020Q3 2020Q4 2020TOTALQ1 2019Q2 2019Q3 2019Q4 2019TOTAL
Leasing revenue on owned equipment 9,198 9,118 8,910 8,860 36,086 8,517 9,287 9,007 9,564 36,375
Leasing revenue on managed equipment 3,483 3,369 3,329 3,377 13,558 3,422 3,507 3,453 3,460 13,842
Ancillary services 1,619 2,137 1,845 1,149 6,750 1,456 2,094 1,952 2,664 8,166
Management fees on managed assets 53 57 73 87 270
Total leasing activity 14,35314,68114,15713,47356,66413,39514,88814,41215,68858,383
Sales of owned equipment 939 662 354 141 2,096 88 61 677 838 1,664
Total sales of equipment 9396623541412,09688616778381,664
Fees on syndication 214 232 746 1,192 1,076 1,076
Freight railcars15,50615,57514,51114,36059,95213,48314,94915,08917,60261,123
Leasing revenue on owned equipment 1,636 1,626 1,755 1,638 6,655 1,618 1,747 1,743 1,510 6,618
Ancillary services 1,246 439 1,063 1,319 4,067 1,222 1,146 1,502 1,187 5,057
Total leasing activity 2,8822,0652,8182,95710,7222,8402,8933,2452,69711,675
Sales of owned equipment 56 56 42 106 148
Total sales of equipment 565642106148
Fees on syndication 1,046 1,046
River barges2,8822,0652,8184,05911,8242,8822,8933,2452,80311,823
Leasing revenue on owned equipment 2,578 2,581 2,335 2,054 9,548 1,558 1,331 2,356 2,339 7,584
Leasing revenue on managed equipment 10,198 9,370 8,453 8,181 36,202 13,119 12,531 11,726 11,605 48,981
Ancillary services 1,662 2,041 2,469 1,432 7,604 1,818 1,490 2,168 2,786 8,262
Management fees on managed assets 28 28 28 27 111
Total leasing activity 14,46614,02013,28511,69453,46516,49515,35216,25016,73064,827
Sales of owned equipment 4,065 4,192 6,344 6,409 21,010 1,833 3,009 3,416 3,425 11,683
Margins on sales of managed equipment 2,128 874 786 581 4,369 831 1,697 1,625 741 4,894
Total sales of equipment 6,1935,0667,1306,99025,3792,6644,7065,0414,16616,577
Fees on syndication 18 13 17 48 389 (7) 8 390
Containers 20,67719,08620,42818,70178,89219,54820,05121,29920,89681,794
Leasing revenue on owned equipment 13 11 12 19 55 24 22 14 18 78
Ancillary services 51 (129) (1) (202) (281) 22 2 (8) (134) (118)
Total leasing activity 64(118)11(183)(226)46246(116)(40)
Sales of owned equipment 868 2,362 4,219 5,501 12,950 1,308 3,855 511 8,179 13,853
Total sales of equipment 8682,3624,2195,50112,9501,3083,8555118,17913,853
Other capital gains on disposal 15 1 16 456 456
Miscellaneous and eliminations9472,2444,2305,31912,7401,3544,3355178,06314,269
Total revenue from activities40,01238,97041,98742,439163,40837,26742,22840,15049,364169,009


  • May 14, 2021: Q1 2021 Revenue from activities
  • June 23, 2021: Annual General Meeting

TOUAX Group leases out tangible assets (freight railcars, river barges and containers) on a daily basis worldwide, both on its own account and for investors. With nearly €1.1 billion under management, TOUAX is a European leader in the leasing of this type of equipment.

TOUAX is listed on the EURONEXT stock market in Paris - Euronext Paris Compartment C (ISIN code: FR0000033003) - and is listed on the CAC® Small, CAC® Mid & Small and EnterNext©PEA-PME 150 indices.

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