The “Gift from Qingdao” program is expected to become an annual campaign in Qingdao in the future


Sponsored by the Publicity Department of CPC Qingdao Committee and Qingdao Bureau of Culture and Tourism, organized by Qingdao Daily Group (QDG), and co-organized by Qingdao Shinan District Office of Culture and Tourism and QDG Liangyou Books, the 2021 “Gift from Qingdao” program was launched on January 1, 2021 to distribute 10,000 mystery boxes to citizens and tourists in Qingdao in the hope of helping them know better about the city’s scenery, attractions, spirit and hospitality to visitors from all directions

Gifts to be distributed under the program
Gifts to be distributed under the program

On the first day of 2021, at 10am, a volunteer team consisting of writers, artists, Communist Youth League members and ordinary citizens walked onto the Trestle Bridge (one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Qingdao) to distribute the mystery boxes to the passersby. The program’s launching ceremony was originally scheduled to take place there, but was canceled due to the precautions against COVID-19. However, this made the gift-giving more surprising.

“I’ve received gifts from my family, lover and friends, but it was the first time that I received a gift from a city. What’s a special love confession!” said a young tourist from Shanghai.
“The gift is so exquisite and creative. I’ve been moved by the city’s sincere welcome,” said Miss Wang from Shenzhen.
Five young people from Shandong province’s Tai’an and Liaocheng, Shanxi province’s Datong, Sichuan province’s Liangshan and Anhui province’s Chaohu, who entered a university in Qingdao after the 2020 national college entrance exam, also expressed their gratitude and blessings for the city.

It is learnt that the program attracted 100 Qingdao-native writers, artists, exhibition planners and movie stars who are living in and outside Qingdao to make short videos as endorsers for the city. In their videos, they hold the “blue gift box” in their hands to introduce the program to the viewers.
Different recipients could find different gifts in the mystery boxes they got. It might be a book about the city’s culture and folk customs, a ticket for a local museum, or a beautiful postcard designed based on the wood engraving picture titled “My Qingdao” created by Qingdao-born artist Jiang Yongjie for the program. Besides, each of them could get a Red Run apple, a specialty of Qingdao’s Baoshan Town.
It is reported that the “Gift from Qingdao” program is expected to become an annual campaign in Qingdao in the future. The city in robust development will prepare more gifts to give more surprises to both local citizens and guests from other places.

Contact: Ms. Zhu Yiling
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Gifts to be distributed under the program
Gifts to be distributed under the program
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People receiving the mystery boxes at Trestle Bridge Square, Qingdao
People receiving the mystery boxes at Trestle Bridge Square, Qingdao
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