Terrorist attacks on Saudi Arabia's oil installations


On 14 September 2019, the major oil facilities in Saudi Arabia's eastern province were attacked by drones and guided missiles, resulting in a 50% decrease of oil production. This hostile act is of unprecedented size representing a major threat to oil supplies world markets. The initial investigations have indicated that the weapons used in the attack were Iranian weapons. The investigations are still ongoing. International experts and the UN are invited to join the investigations. The results will be announced and appropriate actions will be taken in this regard.

The attack is primarily aimed at affecting the global energy supply. This is a series of the Iranian regime and its militias' sabotage, targeting previously two pumping stations in the centre and Shaybah oil field.

The fact that the International Community is not united against the hostile Iranian behaviour has led to the frequency in the attacks. What happened is a real test for the International will to face the subversive action that threatens the International Peace and Security. If the international community does not stand united and strong against this aggression, we will see more attacks and instability in the future

Iran asked for the US sanctions to be lifted before even sitting at the negotiating table. During the first year of the Trump administration, there were no US sanctions on Iran. Still, it carried out non-stop hostility acts, making it necessary to exert pressure on Iran since 1979 to stop its escalation. Iran has to choose either to be a normal country, coexist with the other countries of the region peacefully, and work for its people or to be a rogue state that sponsors terrorism.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not want a war with Iran.Based on the fact that Saudi Arabia has not fired any drone, ballistic missiles or any single bullet on Iran. In return, Iran fired more than 220 missiles and more than 150 drones. Saudi Arabia has no militia in the region, unlike Iran that backed and financed dozens of terrorist militias. They are in a state of attack and we are in a position of defending ourselves.

The European countries' attempt to find a mechanism to facilitate financial measures will not help to change Iranian regime's hostile behavior, but it will give them hope to bypass the US sanctions and thus continue the hostility acts.

Any inaction in dealing with Iran will encourage it to carry out further destructive and sabotage attacks in the region.


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