StrongPoint best in class “last mile” solution becomes even more advanced in partnership with Gordon Delivery


We are very proud and excited to announce that last week StrongPoint formed a partnership with Gordon Delivery, a Swedish based logistics technology company and leading provider of last mile solutions.

It is agreed to integrate and resell Gordon’s technology platform solution as part of the full StrongPoint E-commerce Logistics Suite. With the new and advanced features from Gordon StrongPoint last mile solution will confirm the position as the leading and preferred provider of logistics solutions for grocery e-commerce.

The partnership gives enhanced features to handle multi orders, route optimization, carrier interactions and customer communication. Orders and delivery of groceries are tracked in real time and give the grocer full overview of the operations. Consumers can track their order and know exactly when the groceries arrive at their doorstep.

“We are very excited to be working with Gordon. We truly believe our grocery clients will benefit from this partnership as our existing solutions align beautifully with the enhanced features that Gordon provides on their platform. Both companies focus on providing retailers with the best logistics solutions through the use of technology, and combined we have the expertise and experience to help build world class e-commerce solutions,” noted Göran Thörn, SVP & Managing Director of StrongPoint CUB AB.

“We are delighted to include StrongPoint as one of our partners. Not only do we share a common purpose – helping clients and their organizations achieve their aspirations in smart e-commerce logistics – we also see that the partnership gives opportunity to cover the grocery retail market with a more comprehensive and advanced logistics solution. Having StrongPoint as a reseller and technology partner gives Gordon access to all markets where StrongPoint operates and we can spread our technology to a large customer base,” said Ali Ghoce, CEO and founder of Gordon.

The partnership gives non-exclusive rights to resell integrated technology solutions in all markets.
To achieve the best customer experience the partner agreement also cover consultancy and support services between the parties.

For additional information, please contact:

Göran Thörn
Strongpoint CUB AB
Phone +46 708 67 55 05


Ali Ghoce
Gordon Delivery
Phone +46 10-551 80 00

About Gordon Delivery |
Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Gordon Delivery offers digitalization and automation to simplify refrigerated last mile deliveries. The strategy is to give customers competitive advantages, increased predictability and increased value by having an uncompromised focus on the delivery experience. Gordon Delivery stands out among logistics players with its world-class tech platform and by taking full responsibility for the customers’ experience.






About StrongPoint

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2005 Rælingen

About StrongPoint |
StrongPoint is a retail technology company. We provide in-store and e-commerce solutions that make shops smarter and give better shopping experiences.
Over 5.5 million consumers use our retail technologies every day, including products such as cash management and payment solutions, lockers to handle groceries, self checkout point of sale, electronic shelf labels, in-store and warehouse picking solutions, design and manufacturing of labels, etc. StrongPoint is headquartered in Norway, with home markets in Sweden, Spain and the Baltics, and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange [ticker: STRO].

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