StrongPoint adopts new logo


(Oslo, Norway, 20 October 2020) StrongPoint, a leading retail technology provider, announced today its new logo and the start of a broader brand redesign. The new logo reflects the renewal of StrongPoint as a company.

The decision to change StrongPoint’s logo reflects the changes that are happening within the company following the announcement of the 2025 strategic ambitionslast February which outlined a three-step approach to a significant organic revenue increase and improvement in profitability  

StrongPoint has over 35 years' experience working closely with retailers to understand their pain points and designing innovative technology-based solutions to solve them  

Today,retailers are under unprecedented margin pressure from renewed competitioand need to respond to customerdemands for more online grocery shopping optionsThis has led to an increased interestfrom retailers fortechnology-basedsolutionsto boost their stores’ productivitymake online shopping more efficient and providingalternative delivery and pick-up options.  

“We launched our 2025 strategic ambitions in early 2020 and we wanted to communicate the change in direction through our brand identity. The logo change is the first step in this broader brandingprocess as we look to growand focus on retail technology solutions, said Jacob Tveraabak, Chief Executive Officer of StrongPoint.  

The new logo better represents whoStrongPoint is, the value we bring to our customers and our unique approach. We are dedicated to serving retailers and our priority is offering world-class products and solutions to our customers.  

The international roll-out of the new brand identity will be phasedin over the coming months.  



For additional information please contact:
Jacob Tveraabak
CEO, StrongPoint ASA
Phone +47 90 82 13 70



Om StrongPoint

Slynga 10
2005 Rælingen

StrongPoint is driving productivity for European retailers by providing innovative, integrated technology solutions for multi-channel retailing based on long-standing relationships with customers and partners. StrongPoint is also a leader in IBNS solutions for Cash-In-Transit (Cash Security), and Labels for customers in Norway and Sweden. StrongPoint offers best-in-class service and consultancy expertise through its team of 512 employees in Norway, Sweden, the Baltics, France, Belgium, Spain and Russia. StrongPoint is headquartered in Rælingen, Norway, and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

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