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Solid World: The Breakthrough Everyone's Been Waiting For in Carbon Markets


This disruptive technology brings more transparency, more accessibility, more capital - and ultimately more impact - to carbon markets.

Tallinn, Estonia, May 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Solid World introduces its first CRISP scored forward carbon liquidity pool on Polygon, marking a new era in climate finance. This innovative initiative democratizes access to project financing and scales global carbon removal efforts. Solid World's radical transparency, liquid secondary market, bolstered by the meticulous CRISP risk assessment framework, instills investor confidence and paves the way for a sustainable future. 

CRISP-M pool specifically addresses major challenges faced by Mangrove restoration carbon projects developers by providing them with the necessary funding while providing structured inventory to distributors seeking to sell high-quality carbon credits.

As a digital climate warehouse, not a marketplace, Solid World provides a liquid market and a robust supply of carbon removal credits for distributors. With transparent pricing and terms, it supports streaming credits to meet client demands and seizing market price arbitrage opportunities.

By introducing this innovative protocol, Solid World creates a new class of "liquidity providers'' who act as a crowdsourced counterparty for the market, incentivized to connect buyers and sellers across time. The result is a win-win solution for carbon projects and distributors, ensuring better access to capital, attractive prices, real-time liquidity, and deep documentation. It opens up trading and hedging strategies that are possible in the traditional stock market, but that have been so far unreachable in the carbon markets.

Launching with Verra Mangrove pools, Solid World underscores its commitment to environmental sustainability. Mangroves are known for their immense carbon sequestration capacity, making them an ideal choice for initiating this innovative solution.

Sergey Ivliev, Founder & CEO of Vlinder, stressed the importance of Mangroves in a statement about Solid World’s launch, “Vlinder is proud to support the launch of Blue Carbon basket on Solid World protocol providing guaranteed delivery forwards from our mangrove restoration projects. By focusing on Blue Carbon - carbon captured in coastal and marine ecosystems, Solid World not only creates an innovative finance tool but also brings much-needed attention to these vital, yet often overlooked, carbon sinks.”

Solid World’s forward carbon protocol design gets resources directly into the hands of those repairing ecological habitat supporting local economies and accelerating regeneration.  “...Blue Carbon liquidity pool will stream trading fees and protocol rewards directly into tree planting to benefit local village communities in Kenya, Senegal, Indonesia and Myanmar. Solid World's innovative approach to climate finance and non-delivery risk management, truly makes them a thought leader in the digital carbon market space,” Ivliev said.

Alexis L. Leroy, CEO & Founder of ALLCOT, also voiced his support for Solid World’s CRISP-Scored pools, saying that, "This pool aims to set a high standard of integrity with significant, traceable, and transparent impacts from both environmental and social point of views. With the aim to close the gap between price and value, ALLCOT is proud to be part of this disruptive initiative from Solid World."

Solid World CEO Stenver Jerkku stressed the importance of liquidity and transparency in these markets.

At Solid World, our mission goes beyond the surface. We're tearing down the medieval walls of the carbon market's bartering economy, turning a currently opaque black box into a radically transparent platform. We're bringing unparalleled transparency to this crucial sector of our world's future. Join us on this exciting journey as we democratize supply chain finance and open the doors of climate action to everyone, everywhere. Let's change the world together,”  Solid World CEO Stenver Jerkku said.

Solid World’s partners, including Vlinder, Allcot, and MangroveDAO, have been instrumental in organizing the carbon projects on-site, helping to make this ambitious effort a reality.

To participate in Solid World’s liquidity pool, check out the staking page.  Learn more about the CRISP frame work here, and check out our full Solid World explainer blog here.

About Solid World:

Solid World is revolutionizing how reforestation projects are financed by bringing liquidity and transparency to the carbon credit market through prepaid forward carbon credit pools.

As the demand for carbon removals surges, the market is expected to grow rapidly, and there’s a total of $700B funding gap by 2030 to sufficiently protect our nature. Our pools enable you to support these environmentally impactful initiatives while offering attractive incentives for all market participants. We work with prominent partners and investors, including Mastercard Lighthouse, SCB, Greycroft, and Taavet+Sten.

By financing reforestation pools on Solid World, you can contribute to the global fight against climate change and participate in an innovative financing vehicle that can rapidly scale the industry. Our platform assures the delivery of carbon credits, achieved through our rigorous, public project underwriting process and guaranteed delivery, which bolsters confidence in the reliability and effectiveness of our offering. As the market for carbon offsets continues to expand, now is an opportune time to engage with this critical environmental mission.

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