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Seoul Robotics and FLOW Introduce 3D Digital Crowd Analytics Solutions


First-of-its-kind system to leverage 3D perception for enhanced foot traffic and crowd management insights

IRVINE, Calif. and BRUSSELS, Belgium, Nov. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seoul Robotics, the company powering the future of autonomy through smart infrastructure, today announced a partnership with FLOW™, the leading solution provider for people movement analytics, to deliver a suite of privacy-friendly solutions for real-time insights into foot traffic and crowd movements. The solutions will be available across Europe for organizations and governments to source actionable data that can transform how people engage in cities, airports, malls, museums, and other public spaces.

The novel system will use 3D sensors equipped with Seoul Robotics’ proprietary perception software, SENSR™, that are encased in a first-of-its-kind patented glass technology that enables LiDAR sensors to operate behind an opaque glass. This allows for multiple, discreet solution formats including interactive smart kiosks and cases that integrate into surrounding architecture. The aesthetic solutions can also be used to garner rich, data-based insights – comparable to web analytic services – for physical advertisements to track conversion rates.

“Simply put, more insights with greater accuracy leads to better operations. Historically, it’s been a challenge to develop solutions for accurate insights into people movement without compromising individual privacy,” said William Muller, Vice President of Business Development at Seoul Robotics. “By partnering with Flow, we’re able to deploy privacy-first solutions through intelligent advertising and wayfinding displays, maximizing their value and capturing powerful data to improve visitor navigation, operational planning, public safety, and more.”

By design, the suite of solutions is fully privacy-compliant and does not collect any biometric or other personally identifiable details such as IP addresses or cellular tracking information. This allows the solutions to be covertly deployed in densely populated settings without raising privacy concerns or disrupting the publics’ experience.

“Existing solutions focused heavily on using 2D cameras to capture biometric data, so we wanted to create a highly accurate solution that puts privacy first,” said Robin Lefrant, General Manager at Flow. “By partnering with Seoul Robotics, we’re able to not only deliver an anodyne solution, but also leverage 3D perception for a greater breadth and range of insights.”

SENSR is able to perceive movement of hundreds of people and objects simultaneously within an error of 4cm, making it the most accurate LiDAR image analysis technology on the market. The software is also sensor agnostic, enabling flexible, scalable solutions that can comprise a variety of 3D sensors for maximum versatility based on individual budget and deployment criteria.

Seoul Robotics and Flow will be showcasing their innovative smart kiosk solution at Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, November 15-17, 2022. Visit Seoul Robotics at Stand #103 and Flow at Stand #192 to learn more.

About Seoul Robotics
Seoul Robotics is powering the future of autonomy through smart infrastructure. The company was founded in 2017 to provide the mobility industry with the most advanced computer vision for 3D sensors and pioneer a new approach to automating vehicles called 'Autonomy Through Infrastructure'. Seoul Robotics provides autonomous driving systems for various applications within the logistics industry, leveraging its proprietary 3D perception technology, SENSR™, which offers unrivaled accuracy, efficiency, and safety. Seoul Robotics has offices in Seoul, Munich, California, and Raleigh and is backed by leading global financial institutions. For more information,

About FLOW
Flow is a corporate startup leading the way in digital crowd analytics. Flow provides turnkey solutions to monitor and improve pedestrian mobility in urban environments. Based on LiDAR and patented glass integration technologies, Flow has pioneered a unique solution to measure people’s movement that respects their privacy and integrates seamlessly into existing architecture. Flow offices are located in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. For more information,

Ann Gargiulo

LaunchSquad for Seoul Robotics

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