Result of Riksbank reversed auctions SEK bonds

Auction date 2019-11-14
Loan 1054
Coupon 3.50 %
ISIN-code SE0003784461
Maturity 2022-06-01
Tendered volume, SEK mln 500 +/- 250
Volume offered, SEK mln 1,750
Volume bought, SEK mln 500
Number of bids 4
Number of accepted bids 1
Average yield -0.392 %
Lowest accepted yield -0.392 %
Highest yield -0.392 %
% accepted at lowest yield        100.00

Auction date 2019-11-14
Loan 1061
Coupon 0.75 %
ISIN-code SE0011281922
Maturity 2029-11-12
Tendered volume, SEK mln 500 +/- 250
Volume offered, SEK mln 1,400
Volume bought, SEK mln 500
Number of bids 5
Number of accepted bids 2
Average yield -0.017 %
Lowest accepted yield -0.017 %
Highest yield -0.012 %
% accepted at lowest yield        90.00

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Telenor completes 5G vendor selection for Norway13.12.2019 08:59:00 CETPress release

(Fornebu, 13 December 2019) Telenor has completed its vendor selection process for the future network in Norway. Ericsson will modernise and build the Telenor’s 5G radio access network (RAN). “We expect 5G to be the one technology that will transform our society the most in the next decade. We have been through a thorough process to evaluate all the main vendors’ ability to deliver on Telenor’s requirements for the future mobile network. When selecting the vendor for the radio access network, we have considered important factors like technical quality, ability to innovate and modernise the network, commercial terms and conditions, as well as carried out an extensive security evaluation. Based on the comprehensive and holistic evaluation, we have decided to introduce a new partner for this important technology shift in Norway,” says Sigve Brekke, CEO of Telenor Group. In the forefront of modernisation “We are happy to announce that we have chosen Ericsson to start building the future 5G

Van Lanschot Kempen to return capital of €1.50 per share on 23 December 201913.12.2019 08:30:00 CETPress release

’s- Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, 13 December 2019 On 23 December 2019, Van Lanschot Kempen will return the previously announced amount of €1.50 per Class A share in issue, totalling over €60 million, to its shareholders. Van Lanschot Kempen’s shareholders approved the return of capital at an extraordinary general meeting on 9 October 2019. On 11 December 2019, the legally prescribed two-month objection period expired. No objections were made, and subsequently the payment date for the capital return has been fixed on 23 December. Van Lanschot Kempen is able to make this capital return payment to its shareholders as a result of its strong capital position. This return of capital will take the total capital returned, in the form of both dividend payments and capital returns, to €330 million since 2016. Van Lanschot Kempen will continue to optimise its capital base going forward, while leaving room for possible acquisitions. If possible, it will also consider paying out capital to its s

Øresunds Bridge CEO resigns in 202013.12.2019 08:29:00 CETPress release

Øresunds Bridge CEO resigns in 2020 CEO of the Øresunds Bridge Consortium Caroline Ullman-Hammer resigns after 13 profitable years in the Swedish-Danish company. She will remain in her role until further but will resign when a new CEO is appointed during 2020. Caroline Ullman-Hammer joined the Øresund Bridge in 2007 and has since then contributed to raising traffic volumes, increased results and significant growth in customers. The Øresunds Bridge has over 550.000 BroPas-customers. "We thank Caroline Ullman-Hammer for the very fine efforts. Under Caroline's management the bridge has positioned itself clearly – with several years' increased traffic, lowered operating costs and significantly more customers. She is responsible for the commercially healthy company, on which the bridge safely leans", says Peter Frederiksen, Chairman of the Board of directors of the Øresunds Bridge Consortium. "The Øresund Bridge is essential for the integration of Skåne and Sjælland, but also ties the regio

Ahold Delhaize share buyback update13.12.2019 08:00:00 CETPress release

Zaandam, the Netherlands, December 13, 2019 – Ahold Delhaize has repurchased 584,327 of Ahold Delhaize common shares in the period from December 9, 2019 up to and including December 11, 2019. The shares were repurchased at an average price of €23.04 per share for a total consideration of €13.5 million. These repurchases were made as part of the €1 billion share buyback program announced on November 13, 2018. The total number of shares repurchased under this program during the financial year 2019 is 45,621,384 common shares for a total consideration of €1 billion. Ahold Delhaize confirms the successful completion of the program on December 11, 2019. The number of outstanding common shares as of this date was 1,087,955,597. Download the share buyback transactions excel sheet for detailed individual transaction information from This press release is issued in connection with the disclosure and reporting obligati

Karolinska Development´s portfolio company Umecrine Cognition completes enrollment to phase 2a study in liver cirrhosis and hepatic encephalopaty13.12.2019 08:00:00 CETPress release

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – December 13, 2019. Karolinska Development´s portfolio company Umecrine Cognition announces today that the enrollment has been completed in its Phase 2a study designed to assess the safety, pharmacokinetics and potential benefit of golexanolone in patients with liver cirrhosis and hepatic encephalopathy. Umecrine Cognition is developing golexanolone (GR3027), a novel GABAA receptor modulating steroid antagonist with a potential to improve brain function in a wide range of cognitive disorders. Golexanolone is presently in clinical development for hepatic encephalopathy (HE), a serious neuropsychiatric and neurocognitive complication in acute and chronic liver disease (including cirrhosis). At present there are no treatments available that directly target the brain abnormalities believed to be responsible for HE. The study UCAB-CT-02 is a prospective, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled multi-center phase 1b/2a protocol in four parts enrolling healthy adults a

Karolinska Developments portföljbolag Umecrine Cognition har slutfört inkludering i fas 2a-studie vid levercirros och hepatisk encefalopati13.12.2019 08:00:00 CETPressemelding

STOCKHOLM, SVERIGE 13 december 2019. Karolinska Developments portföljbolag Umecrine Cognition meddelar idag att de har slutfört inkluderingen i den kliniska fas 2a-studie vars syfte är att utvärdera säkerhet, farmakokinetik och potentiell nytta av golexanolon som behandling för patienter med levercirros och leverencefalopati. Umecrine Cognition utvecklar golexanolon (GR3027), en innovativ GABAA-receptormodulerande steroidantagonist med potential att förbättra hjärnfunktionen vid en rad olika kognitiva tillstånd. Golexanolon är för närvarande i klinisk utveckling för behandling vid hepatisk encefalopati (HE), även kallat leverkoma, en neurologisk och psykiatrisk komplikation vid akut eller kronisk leverskada inklusive cirros (skrumplever). Det finns ännu ingen behandling tillgänglig som riktas mot de hjärnförändringar som tros vara orsaken till HE. Studien UCAB-CT-02 är en prospektiv, multicenter, dubbelblind, randomiserad, placebokontrollerad fas 1b/2a-studie i fyra delar som inkludera