NNIT extends collaboration with PFA


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NNIT extends collaboration with PFA

NNIT and PFA extends a more than a decade long strategic partnership with a new five-year agreement.

Copenhagen, June 25, 2020 – NNIT, a leading provider of IT services and consultancy, announces that it has signed an extension of its agreement with PFA, the largest commercial pension company in Denmark with more than DKK 600 billion under management and 1.3 million customers.

According to the agreement, NNIT will continue to deliver global IT-infrastructure, operations and consultancy to PFA that enables PFA to strengthen its digital customer service and its agile and digital transformation.

Included in the new agreement, is an increased focus on regulatory compliance and security.

Furthermore, the new contract also includes an increased focus on Hybrid Cloud, which supports PFA’s requirements for increased flexibility in the digital development and automation of its operations.

Senior Vice President at NNIT Jacob Hahn Michelsen says about the agreement:

“We are proud to extend a more than a decade long partnership with PFA for another five years, where NNIT will continue to support PFA by delivering IT infrastructure and services, supporting their digital journey. The contract is a testament to our ability to constantly develop and support our customers' changing business needs.”

CIO at PFA Morten Bruun Steiner says about the agreement:

“PFA is pleased to extend our strong partnership with NNIT. The new agreement creates a good foundation for our desire for increased standardization of our infrastructure and thus supports our journey towards becoming even more digital and efficient in the way we work with customer experiences.”

The renewed agreement marks the continuation of an eleven-year-long collaboration, which was initiated in March 2009. The estimated total value of the agreement amounts to a medium triple-digit million amount (DKK). The new five-year agreement replaces the existing agreement that were to expire in ultimo 2023. 

NNIT ​is one of Denmark’s leading consultancies in IT development, implementation and operations. We supply services to clients from the public, enterprise and finance segments in Denmark as well as the international life sciences industry. NNIT A/S has more than 3,200 employees.


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Investor relations:
Jens Blüitgen Binger
Head of Investor Relations
Tel: +45 3079 9222

Kasper Ortvald Larsen
NNIT Communications
Tel: +45 30 77 94 65

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