New Predictive Hiring Data Identifies Rare Hiring Attributes


Youngstown, OH, Feb. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PeopleKeys, leading international provider of behavioral and predictive solutions, is releasing a new report on their Predictive Hiring Data (PhD) which has proven statistically to identify even the rarest combinations of behavioral styles in candidate selection and hiring. The new report, based on nearly 10,000 candidates and 33 languages internationally, is leading the way in hiring advancements which tie together with PeopleKeys’ patent pending delivery system.

Dr. Bradley Smith, Managing Director of PeopleKeys said, “We have known certain things all along in observing behavior and other traits for success in hiring over the course of many years. The data and predictive analysis, now proven to have statistical relevance, can be combined with our patent pending technology to go beyond anything on the market today. We have pieced together the mystery of how Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and now Gen Z think and work together.”

Dr. Sanford Kulkin, PeopleKeys founder, went on to say, “We knew this day would happen even 20 years ago. The day Baby Boomers would start retiring would leave a vacuum of talent that needed replaced. The Millennials and other generations many feel ill equipped to take over, but are not problematic. They simply think and have different values they bring to the workplace. These are gifted generations, but we have to know how to hire and manage this new wave of talent.”

PeopleKeys’ work is based on 30 years’ experience and millions of assessments given to candidates all over the world. PeopleKeys conducted one of the largest international studies in 2016 of over 300,000 candidates in sales and management positions. All of this together marks one of the largest studies and research projects conducted in recent years in the behavioral assessment industry.  PeopleKeys has also made the technology available through an API to partners such as Johns Hopkins, Ethos Vet, and many Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. Larry Price, a renowned statistician, author and Director of Methodology, Measurement and Statistical Analysis (MMSA) at Texas State University, has helped PeopleKeys in using mathematical models for data analysis that few in the industry have incorporated. The latest model uses Correlation Analysis, Multidimensional Scaling, and Path Analysis as part of the research. Dr. Smith adds, “It’s really amazing what we are seeing. Some patterns of behavior and skill sets are very common and readily found in the workplace, others can be as rare as one in a million. By understanding this we can estimate your odds of finding certain candidates and alternative ways to still gain highly successful candidates that you can also retain long-term. The key is not only in the hiring, but in the management and training of these candidates as part of the on-boarding process and future management.”

Click here to request your copy of PeopleKeys’ new Predictive Hiring Data (PhD) Report.

About PeopleKeys

PeopleKeys, is recognized as an international behavioral analysis expert and leader for over 35 years. PeopleKeys has been providing DISC-based solutions to thousands of companies and millions of individuals worldwide. Their goal is to help people use people analytics to understand how behavioral analysis can enhance relationships, improve productivity, minimize conflict, and unlock the potential in today’s workforces. PeopleKeys’ behavioral courses, assessments, customizations, integrations, as well as training and consulting solutions, have been translated into over 33 languages.


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