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nal von minden: Did my vaccine work? New rapid test for the determination of vaccination success.


Am I really protected against the coronavirus now? This is a question asked by many after receiving a vaccination. The medtech company nal von minden from Moers in Germany has now developed a rapid test that can reliably detect antibodies against COVID-19 pathogens in blood. The NADAL® COVID-19 S1-NAb Test is now available all over Europe.

(Moers, Germany): “People want clarity once they been vaccinated against coronavirus: They want to know if it has worked“ says Thomas Zander, CEO of nal von minden GmbH. Depending on the particular vaccine used, the COVID-19 vaccines offer 70% or more protection from the disease – but not 100%.

If the vaccine has ‘worked’, the body produces human antibodies against the disease. “These antibodies ensure that, in the event of exposure, the disease pathogens – the coronaviruses – would be readily identified and quickly repelled. Rather like the police on alert.”

These antibodies can be found in human blood and, if present, are easily detectable. With the NADAL® COVID-19 S1-NAb Test, the process takes just a few minutes. Thomas Zander explains: “Our new rapid test for the detection of coronavirus antibodies can be carried out by your GP in the future, as the test is currently only for professional use. A tiny prick of the finger is enough. The little drop of blood is added to the accompanying test cassette, and results can be read within 15 minutes.”

The new rapid test has already been comprehensively studied in the USA and China. “In the USA and China the vaccination programmes are more progressed, so the first studies were carried out there,” says Zander. “Further quality studies at German research centres will follow shortly.” It has been confirmed that the antibody test works for all kinds of vaccines (BioNtech, AstraZeneca, Johnson&Johnson, Sinovac and Moderna).

Coronavirus vaccinations usually take place across two appointments, and the new rapid test can be carried out either two weeks after the first vaccination, or two weeks after the second, says Thomas Zander. “Those who produce an immune response following the first vaccine – which can cause, for example, mild cold-like symptoms – can first wait until after the second vaccination.” Of course, the test can also be carried out weeks or even months afterwards, as nobody yet knows how long the vaccinations protect us against coronaviruses.


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