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MitoQ Unveils Empowering New Branding That Champions Emerging Cell Health Category and Reflects Unique Science Leadership Position


MitoQ Ltd., a New Zealand-based cell health company that developed a world-first sub-cellular targeted antioxidant which directly combats cell stress, today announced a complete transformation of the brand with a fresh new design, updated visual language and sustainable packaging. MitoQ is the developer of the unique, next-generation cell health molecule with the same name, that is scientifically shown to penetrate deep within the cells to reduce cell stress. By supporting the body’s primary energy source – the mitochondria -- MitoQ is able to target cell stress and improve energy, increase exercise recovery and resilience and promote healthy aging. The patented, powerful cell technology and active ingredients in MitoQ will remain the same, but the rebrand elevates the company’s purpose, its differentiated position in the wider category and role as a pioneer of cell health with a new look and feel, including new packaging, visual communications and brand messaging.

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“MitoQ is more than a supplement – it is biodesigned differently to be extraordinarily effective and safe, it’s backed by decades of independent global research and supported by clinical trials and hundreds of peer reviewed scientific publications,” said Mahara Inglis, chief executive officer of MitoQ. “Rebranding is one of the steps we are taking to raise awareness of the importance of cells for overall wellbeing and draw attention to our unique technology. All the elements in our new branding and packaging are designed to reflect the unique position we hold -- not only in the health and wellness space -- but in the emerging cellular health category which we have been pioneering for decades, and also the positive impact we make on our customers’ lives. MitoQ helps all individuals – whether they are managing a health condition, juggling busy days at work or as a parent, or those just wanting to age ‘better’ by reducing cell stress. We wanted our new brand to visually depict our proprietary science and appeal to all individuals who want to improve their health, starting at the smallest level: their cells. The new branding captures the essence of MitoQ’s purpose, unique mechanism of action and the positive user experience and we’re thrilled to introduce it to the world.”

The MitoQ rebrand was undertaken to revitalize the brand position, establish a clear point of differentiation in the category and ensure all packaging was sustainable to prevent inefficiencies that may contribute to environmental harm. To help inform the strategy and execution for the rebrand, MitoQ partnered with UK-based brand transformation consultancy, Born Ugly. Through a collaborative, agile process, Born Ugly was able to support MitoQ to more effectively define the brand’s identity, vision and purpose, including business and consumer insight generation, strategic plan development, brand definition, creation and design and brand activation. At the heart of the work was the shift of the brand’s purpose from supporting consumers to ‘power through life’ to ‘empower their purpose’ through products and experiences. The approach needed to overcome cultural differences and reasons for taking MitoQ in its key markets – primarily the U.S. and China. A unifying mindset was identified that could connect the different audiences rooted in a deep human truth that when people feel their best, they can have the most positive influence on those around them.

MitoQ’s new visual articulation was rooted in the idea that small changes can have a significant and positive ripple effect on overall health, life, and the broader community. The ‘power of small’ was the idea that influenced everything within MitoQ’s new brand, including cell-inspired packaging, imagery, illustration, animation, language, and a logo that articulates a cell universe optimized at the heart by MitoQ’s small molecule. Essentially the brand proposition is that small can be big.

“Today marks a significant milestone in the history and forward growth of our company. MitoQ is not only a reputable, innovative company pioneering new technology in the emerging cellular health category, but we are a supportive and loyal community of health-minded people who are committed to making a positive impact in the world around us,” said John Marshall, chief marketing officer at MitoQ. “This project was an intense and rewarding labor of love for the entire commercial organization. We are incredibly grateful to our strategic partners, external and internal advisors, the MitoQ team and the millions of global customers who helped provide thoughtful, invaluable feedback and perspective that led to the development of this refreshed, dynamic brand. We look forward to the commercial rollout and sharing this new brand experience with our customers across multiple global regions in the coming months.”

MitoQ is a multi-patented, advanced antioxidant molecule that delivers targeted support to the cells’ mitochondria. The mitochondria provide approximately 90% of the energy the human body needs to function. As a by-product of this energy production process, the mitochondria also produce free radicals, and with age (coupled with other external and environmental stressors), the body loses its natural resistance to diffuse them. MitoQ is bio-designed to be absorbed deep inside of the cells where it can neutralize free radicals to combat cell stress, resulting in more energy, faster exercise recovery, immune support, deeper focus and overall optimized health. For more information, visit

MitoQ is available globally via the brand website (, and

About MitoQ

MitoQ is a New Zealand cellular health company that invented an advanced molecule which is clinically proven to target cells for better health. Created at the University of Otago in the 1990s, MitoQ’s unique ingredient is available in a range of cellular products designed to power the health and ambitions of every body. MitoQ’s potential benefits to health have been the subject of 12 clinical trials and over 600 independent published research papers by the likes of Harvard Medical School, UCLA and the University of Cambridge, and it holds 60 patents globally. For more information about the company and its products, visit

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Contact information

Adrienne Kemp for MitoQ (U.S.)
+1 949-922-0801

Contact (NZ)
Liz Hancock
Head of Brand and Communication
+64 21 589 200

Contact (China)
Jess Yip
Head of Brand, China
+64 21 022 35555

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