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Metallica og San Francisco Symphony – S&M2 ute 28.august. Forhåndsordre fra i dag.

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Metallica and San Francisco Symphony’s September 6 & 8, 2019 S&M2 concerts were historic on multiple levels: They served as the grand opening of San Francisco’s Chase Center, reunited the band and Symphony for the first time since the 1999 performances captured on the Grammy-winning S&M album, and featured the first-ever symphonic renditions of songs written and released since those original S&M shows.

The sold out shows were rapturously received by the 40,000 fans who traveled from nearly 70 countries, as well as the media: Rolling Stone raved “the group proved that anything was possible,” Variety noted an atmosphere “buzzing with excitement,” while the Mercury News witnessed "a concert that fans will be talking about for decades to come,” and Consequence of Sound hailed "a true celebration of Metallica and their musical prowess.”

On August 28, S&M2 comes to life once more with the release of Metallica and San Francisco Symphony: S&M2. S&M2 will be available in a staggering array of formats, ranging from a digital album on all leading streaming outlets, to 4LP vinyl, 2CD, DVD and Blu-ray versions, to a limited edition color vinyl 4LP + 2CD + Blu-ray Deluxe Box featuring sheet music, guitar picks, poster and more, all the way up to a Metallica.com exclusive Super Deluxe Box, limited to 500 copies, each featuring actual sheet music used by the Symphony during the shows and hand-signed by all four band members (in addition to including everything in the Deluxe Box). With this long-awaited Blackened Recordings release, S&M2 can be fully experienced by others beyond those who squeezed into the Chase Center over those two unforgettable evenings.

S&M2 is a landmark release in the Metallica catalogue, both sonically and visually. Produced by Greg Fidelman with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, the S&M2 live album captures more than two and a half hours of James, Lars, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo joining forces with the nearly 80-strong SF Symphony, legendary Musical Director of the orchestra Michael Tilson Thomas, and conductor Edwin Outwater. The concert film is a brand-new edit done by Joe Hutching (Through The Never) and both the audio and visuals have been taken to the next level from the October 2019 theatrical version that played in over 3,700 cinemas worldwide

S&M2 is available for pre-order now, preceded by the S&M2 versions of “All Within My Hands” and “Nothing Else Matters,” both now available across digital platforms. See below for track listing and detailed list of configurations, and stay tuned to metallica.com/sm2 for further information.



- Deluxe Box (limited edition 4LP color vinyl, exclusive photobook, 2CDs, Blu-ray, sheet music, five guitar picks, poster, download card)

- Super Deluxe Box (all of the above + original sheet music signed by the band. Limited to 500 via Metallica.com)

- Black 4LP set w/photobook and download card

- Color 4LP set w/photobook and download card (exclusive to indie retail + Metallica.com)

- 2CD set w/36-page booklet

- 2CD/Blu-ray set w/36-page booklet

- 2CD/DVD set w/36-page booklet

- Blu-Ray


- Digital Album

- Digital Movie

Track Listings:

     LP 1 / SIDE ONE

     1 The Ecstasy of Gold

     2 The Call of Ktulu

     3 For Whom the Bell Tolls

     LP 1 / SIDE TWO

     1 The Day that Never Comes

     2 The Memory Remains

     3 Confusion

     LP 2 / SIDE THREE

     1 Moth Into Flame

     2 The Outlaw Torn

     LP 2 / SIDE FOUR

     1 No Leaf Clover

     2 Halo on Fire

     LP 3 / SIDE FIVE

     1 Intro to Scythian Suite

     2 Scythian Suite, Opus 20 II: The Enemy God and the Dance of the Dark Spirits

     3 Intro to The Iron Foundry

     4 The Iron Foundry, Opus 19

     5 The Unforgiven III

     LP 3 / SIDE SIX

     1 All Within My Hands

     2 (Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth

     3 Wherever I May Roam

     LP 4 / SIDE SEVEN

     1 One

     2 Master of Puppets

     LP 4 / SIDE EIGHT

     1 Nothing Else Matters

     2 Enter Sandman

     CD 1 

     1 The Ecstasy of Gold (Live)

     2 The Call of Ktulu (Live)

     3 For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live)

     4 The Day That Never Comes (Live)

     5 The Memory Remains (Live)

     6 Confusion (Live)

     7 Moth Into Flame (Live)

     8 The Outlaw Torn (Live)

     9 No Leaf Clover (Live)

     10 Halo on Fire (Live)


     CD 2  

     1 Intro to Scythian Suite (Live)

     2 Scythian Suite, Opus 20 II: The Enemy God And The Dance Of The Dark Spirits (Live)

     3 Intro to The Iron Foundry (Live)

     4 The Iron Foundry, Opus 19 (Live)

     5 The Unforgiven III (Live)

     6 All Within My Hands (Live)

     7 (Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth (Live)

     8 Wherever I May Roam (Live)

     9 One (Live)

     10 Master of Puppets (Live)

     11 Nothing Else Matters (Live)

     12 Enter Sandman (Live)

     DVD / BLU-RAY 

     1 Menu (features "Moth Into Flame")

     2 Intro (features "Wherever I May Roam" and "All Within My Hands")

     3 The Ecstasy of Gold (Live)

     4 The Call of Ktulu (Live)

     5 For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live)

     6 The Day That Never Comes (Live)

     7 The Memory Remains (Live)

     8 Confusion (Live)

     9 Moth Into Flame (Live)

     10 The Outlaw Torn (Live)

     11 No Leaf Clover (Live)

     12 Halo on Fire (Live)

     13 Intro to Scythian Suite (Live)

     14 Scythian Suite, Opus 20 II: The Enemy God And The Dance Of The Dark Spirits (Live)

     15 Intro to The Iron Foundry (Live)

     16 The Iron Foundry, Opus 19 (Live)

     17 The Unforgiven III (Live)

     18 All Within My Hands (Live)

     19 (Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth (Live)

     20 Wherever I May Roam (Live)

     21 One (Live)

     22 Master of Puppets (Live)

     23 Nothing Else Matters (Live)

     23 Enter Sandman (Live)

     24 Credits

     25 Behind the Scenes: Making of the Show

     26 All Within My Hands Promo


     1 Intro (features "Wherever I May Roam" and "All Within My Hands")

     2 The Ecstasy of Gold (Live)

     3 The Call of Ktulu (Live)

     4 For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live)

     5 The Day That Never Comes (Live)

     6 The Memory Remains (Live)

     7 Confusion (Live)

     8 Moth Into Flame (Live)

     9 The Outlaw Torn (Live)

     10 No Leaf Clover (Live)

     11 Halo on Fire (Live)

     12 Intro to Scythian Suite (Live)

     13 Scythian Suite, Opus 20 II: The Enemy God And The Dance Of The Dark Spirits (Live)

     14 Intro to The Iron Foundry (Live)

     15 The Iron Foundry, Opus 19 (Live)

     16 The Unforgiven III (Live)

     17 All Within My Hands (Live)

     18 (Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth (Live)

     19 Wherever I May Roam (Live)

     20 One (Live)

     21 Master of Puppets (Live)

     22 Nothing Else Matters (Live)

     23 Enter Sandman (Live)

     24 Credits



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