Juniper Systems Limited Introduces New Mesa 3 Smart Card Reader for High-Security Industries


BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom, Feb. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Juniper Systems Limited announces its new Mesa® 3 Smart Card Reader. This military-grade, CAC/PIV-compatible smart card reader (SCR) integrates with Juniper’s Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet, providing the ultimate two-tier authentication solution for data protection in high-security, rugged industries.

The Mesa 3 Smart Card Reader offers a compact, integrated design that allows the device to be used in-hand all day. The SCR has been integrated into the existing design of the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet using the same mounting points as the Mesa’s corner bumpers. Ports for charging, USB, and headphones have been relocated to the bottom of the SCR for easy access.

‘Our Smart Card Reader on the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet is perfect for controlling access in volatile locations, such as nuclear facilities, power generation plants, and airports’, said Simon Bowe, managing director at Juniper Systems Limited. ‘The Mesa 3’s ultra-rugged, waterproof and dustproof design stands up to extreme environments whilst the SCR provides extra levels of security’.

Flexibility in the design allows the Smart Card Reader to control access to resources by reading a variety of cards, including military common access cards (CAC), employee Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials, and smart cards (Integrated Circuit Cards or ‘chip cards’). It features card insertion/removal detection with an automatic deactivation sequence, and supports both synchronous and asynchronous protocols.

Developed for industries that require additional authentication, organisations can use the Mesa 3 Smart Card Reader to easily verify employee identities and control access to sensitive information or locations. Common smart card authentication standards have been built in, offering versatility to organisations that issue identity credentials to employees and contractors.

Once an image of an organisation’s existing OS or software program requiring smart card authentication has been installed on the Mesa 3 Smart Card Reader, the proper validation measures are required to access the device or its programs.

Applications for the Mesa 3 Smart Card Reader include the military, government agencies, law enforcement, nuclear facilities, airports, public utilities/critical infrastructure, emergency services, medical facilities, and others.

The Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet with integrated Smart Card Reader is a powerful Microsoft® Windows 10 device offering the security organisations need when users must access sensitive locations or information. The rugged design ensures the device can be used in any environment. Juniper Systems’ Mesa 3 Smart Card Reader is now available worldwide.

About Juniper Systems Limited
Based out of Logan, Utah, USA, and Birmingham, UK, Juniper Systems ( is a world leader in the design and manufacture of ultra-rugged handheld computers and provides field data collection solutions for use in extreme environments. Since 1993, professionals have utilised Juniper Systems’ innovative mobile technology in the geomatics, industrial, natural resources, military, utilities and public services markets.

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