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Josip Heit and GSB Gold Standard Group: G999 Message for Christmas 2020 and the New Year

Josip Heit and GSB Gold Standard Group: G999 Message for Christmas 2020 and the New Year
Josip Heit and GSB Gold Standard Group: G999 Message for Christmas 2020 and the New Year

Dear brothers and sisters, dear families, dear partners, I wish you with all my heart all the best, divine blessings and the strength to transform the special challenges that our human family is facing right now into a victory of spiritual truth and divine values. And this regardless of faith, colour or mindset.

The GSB Gold Standard Group and I Josip Heit, as Chairman of the Board, have decided to do something special for our community in these challenging times. We hope to express our care as a group for you through this action.

In line with our corporate philosophy, we are certain that every worthwhile thought we turn into a noble deed brings us all closer to the consciousness in which we should all live: for do good and it will be done unto you!

To put it clearly in spiritual metaphors, the words of every spiritual leader is more than true, especially in this particular era: "Forgiveness is the message".

Hard facts are our message, this also applies to some unspeakable allegations, false testimonies and above all malice, which are voiced again and again towards my Community and Associates!

I am not an apostle, I am not a saviour and yes we are all only human, but as a human being and as a board member of my community and as a family man, I say with my heart and mind: "Follow your own sense, follow what you believe, follow the vision that makes you happy and don't let it stop you from doing what you want to do!"

As Chairman of the GSB Gold Standard Group, I would like to state and affirm here: "The GSB team has worked hard for over two years to innovate the G999, a highly complex project that can and will help all people, as well as industries. This is clearly a fact and not just a full-bodied promise!"

The same applies to the GS Partners platform, which enables people from all over the world to earn their daily salary in real time without being dependent on anyone. Our Partners are already earning, even in these difficult times of lockdowns and the restrictions that come with it! That is why I come back to the announced special, to the message of the here and now.

Because my heart is full of gratitude for all the people who are part of our community, we are introducing a very special incentive for you! Why? Because I want to put my words into action.

With this in mind, I have decided here and now to offer prizes totalling USDT 3,500,000 ($3.5 million) with top prizes that include real estate and much more, so that you, our GS Partner Community and Members have the opportunity to "have a roof over your heads", as they so aptly say. A roof characterised by love and future security!

These prizes will be installed in a public wallet, which is why, as Chairman of the Board of GSB Gold Standard Group, I will officially announce these prizes in a corporate call this coming Saturday, 26 December 2020, along with the terms and conditions that go with them!

With these awards, I would like to say thank you, first and foremost, from the bottom of my heart and touched by the trust shown.

Grateful above all for the fact that in such a short time over 40,000 (forty thousand) more members have joined our community!

As I said, we as GSB Gold Standard Group will follow up our words and the announced prices with deeds. Deeds by which we will certainly be judged, but it is important not only to think about today, but also about tomorrow. This determines all our actions!

I, Josip Heit, as chairman of the board of GSB Gold Standard, must and will always be a role model! Our community is in all respects above all a home for people who have a hard time in these times.

So, dear worldwide GS Partners and Members, be curious about the coming days and weeks!

With this in mind, I wish you all a blessed, peaceful and, above all, healthy Christmas, regardless of your religion or faith. My heartfelt thoughts are with you and your families, yours sincerely Josip Heit.



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Josip Heit and GSB Gold Standard Group: G999 Message for Christmas 2020 and the New Year
Josip Heit and GSB Gold Standard Group: G999 Message for Christmas 2020 and the New Year
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