GSB Group doubts in gold reserves of Karatbars and the V999 Coin as well as the existence of the Osint Group


HAMBURG, Germany, April 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The following is a GSB statement, on the non-existent Osint Group and the doubts about Karatbars' existing gold and the V999 fraud in connection with Rainer von Holst.

If fraud and abuse of title (also called imposture) knows no bounds due to a lack of awareness of injustice, then one can call oneself a US lawyer and US notary public in hiding and living illegally in the United States of America (USA), as Rainer von Holst alias Jan Faber or Dr. Peter Klein, among others, demonstrably did recently in an e-mail to a news agency in the Federal Republic of Germany.

It is a fact that the allegedly gold-backed V999 Coin cannot have an "auditor" with the name "Osint Group", as Harald Seiz and E-Karat International claim in their white paper ( and to various investors, since this company does not even exist, but the Osint Group has merely sprung from the questionable imagination of Rainer von Holst, who put an "Osint Group" logo and a construction kit website on the internet for this purpose.

In this context, the affiliates who deal with the allegedly gold-backed V999 Coin and actively advertise for it have to face the question of complicity, here in relation to the responsibility towards the gold investors, with regard to demonstrably ongoing investigations by the public prosecutor's office against Rainer von Holst and his network.

That the Karatbars boss Harald Seiz has lured his investors directly to the V999 platform of the allegedly gold-backed V999 Coin with the BUV, UNV and QR gold codes, whereby the non-existence of gold auditors (Osint Group) has been proven, are facts. The reality is also that Karatbars investor gold accounts have been linked to those of the V999 Coin, as can be seen on YouTube and various affiliates advertise how to link Karatbars accounts to the V999 platform with just one click.

Moreover, investors have been waiting for 2 (two) years for the gold invested as well as purchased and already saved by investors, which is why there are countless complaints to authorities from investors who call it an international fraud, as one hears more and more often.

Already the renowned German business newspaper "Handelsblatt" reported in June 2020, under the title: "The public prosecutor doubts the gold reserves of the Karatbars Group", about the massive doubts regarding the possible non-existent gold.

In this round dance, Jakob B. appears, who returns in the chat of, whereby von Holst has been claiming for some time that he has bought journalists, which is currently the subject of investigations by the public prosecutor's office.

Chris Saunders is described by Rainer von Holst as a "criminal" and a "stupid talker", whom Jakob B. is currently suing, according to a statement made by Rainer von Holst to media representatives. This is surprising, because it was Chris Saunders in the USA who recently stated in a video that he had an engagement (assignment) from Jakob B. and a renowned German business newspaper.

As Rainer von Holst's scam has been known for a long time, the internationally renowned Stiftung Warentest already reported on the impostor and blackmailer in 2018.

In his obvious delusions of grandeur as a fraudster, blackmailer and impostor, Rainer von Holst forgot that in this day and age it does not take very long to find out whether a person is really a notary and lawyer, for which it is moreover absolutely necessary that the person has US citizenship, as the US Embassy in London has informed us factually - which exposes the baseless lies of Rainer von Holst and his network.

Here every person can check that Rainer von Holst, contrary to his insane claims, is not a notary and also not a lawyer and there is also no Dr. Peter Klein in the USA as a lawyer, which is why it is clear that Rainer von Holst alias Jan Faber, who also calls himself Dr. Peter Klein, is an internationally wanted fraudster, impostor and internet blackmailer, who has been acting as a blackmailer on the internet for many years with lies and slander of "gerlachreport"





Moreover, in the United States of America, a notary is a person appointed by the government of a state, for example by the governor and the lieutenant governor, but what US governor would allow himself to be photographed with a Rainer von Holst or even appoint an internationally wanted fraudster like Rainer von Holst as US notary?

The fact that Rainer von Holst demands from a German news agency, without any sense of injustice, that it refrain from disseminating reports about him, here in obviously boundless self-conceit, whereby he sounds full of pomposity that the renowned German newspaper "Kyffhäuser Nachrichten" had lost a lawsuit and would thus have to delete publications about him, is another brazen Rainer von Holst lie.
The "Kyffhäuser Nachrichten" is above reproach and is published in association with other media, such as:,,,,,, among others. The untrue statements made by Rainer von Holst to a news agency can once again be debunked within seconds, as the web link proves.

As in many of his activities, Rainer von Holst is obviously relying on people being impressed by his baseless e-mail gibberish in the letters he writes. These times, however, are over, everything that comes from this person is currently being checked, the agencies and the media are informed about the actions of the internationally wanted fraudster, con man and internet blackmailer, Rainer von Holst. Where von Holst insists on data protection, he will be happy to enforce it when Rainer von Holst is arrested in the USA, extradited and stands trial.
The US embassies have been informed about the current press articles on Rainer von Holst and the non-existent Osint Group and, after receiving feedback, have commissioned investigations by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) in the USA.

It thus remains to be seen when Rainer von Holst, who has gone into hiding, will be arrested and stand trial together with his criminal network, with Article 6(2) of the ECHR applying.

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Bid procedure, 2021-05-19CertificateCommercial paper issued in SEK by non-financial companies with their registered office in Sweden and with a remaining maturity of up to six months on the Bid date. i.e. with the latest maturity date as of 2021-11-19 Delivery may not be made in commercial paper purchased by the Counterparty from the issuer less than one week prior to the date for announcing the Special terms, i.e. the purchase may not have been made after 2021-05-07 BidsCounterparties may make one bid per Credit rating class and maturity class. Bids are made to tel 08-696 69 70 and confirmed by e-mail to date2021-05-19Bid times09.00-09.30 (CET/CEST) on the Bid dateRequested volume (corresponding nominal amount)SEK 4 billionHighest permitted bid volume (corresponding nominal amount)The total bid volume from one Counterparty for the two Credit rating classes may not exceed SEK 4 billion. No bid may contain Commercial paper in excess of SEK 250 million issued by the s


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