E-Krone AS - Update on schedule for the Pre-ICO and ICO


E-Krone AS is pleased to inform that it is on schedule for its launch.

E-Krone AS ("E krone") is schedule to perform an initial coin offering (the "ICO") of E-krone's own tokens (the "EKR Token"), directed towards the public. Together with the company's advisor and the law firm Schjødt, it´s decided that e-krone token fall outside the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority's licensing requirements. The company, together with its advisors, is in the process of completing the final work related to the details of the structure and will shortly announce the Pre-ICO and  ICO event dates.

E-krone is currently finalizing agreements with service providers and potential partners and expect these to be finalized over the next quarter. The company will start the sale of the tokens through a pre-sale as is customary prior to the general ICO. The company will come with further updates regarding the final dates.

The Tokens will be issued by E-krone AS. E-krone will be the manager of the Tokens, it will be established as digital token on the Ethereum platform, eligible for use to acquire goods or services from market participants who wish to use the Tokens as means of payment.  

“We have realized we are breaking new ground with the work we are doing”, says Leander Etemad, CEO of E-krone and continues “but we also realize that the knowledge we have on board on this structuring enables us to get a substantial first mover advantage, the Tokens could prove to become a major digital token in Norway. There are, however, always great risks involved in being pioneers and to some extent we are dependent on factors outside our control”, he says.

The Company has established a landing page for the planned ICO of the Token on www.e-krone.org, allowing interested parties to register their interest. Interested parties can sign up to receive updated information on the ICO as the project progresses.  





About E-Krone

Nedre Skøyenvei 11
0276 Oslo


Key information on E-krone AS

E-Krone AS (“EKR Issuer”) is a newly incorporated Norwegian private limited company. The company’s organizational number is 927 120 119 and it registered address is at Nedre Skøyen Veien 11, 0276 Oslo, Norway. EKR Issuer was solely formed for the purpose of issuing the EKR Tokens. EKR Issuer has no prior operating history.

Key information on E-krone ecosystem

E-krone is Norway's first cryptocurrency - made for the people. A fully independent and decentralized currency alternatively to centralized fiat currencies. With a complete mobile app just like vipps, you can easily send and receive e-krone. 

The total supply of e-krone is 5,391,369 - reflecting the population of Norway at launch date. It can never increase in volume which makes it less vulnerable to traditional monetary instability. 

A tax of 0.5% is imposed on all transactions. Collected tax is used to finance welfare projects. With our decentralized voting system, it is the people of Norway who decide where and how collected tax is being used and managed. 

By creating an platform which encourages "collective discussion", people's creative and innovative ideas can be applied in society. In this way, more people will gain insight into the potential of cryptocurrency and decentralization. Eventually, e-krone will encourage more people to participate in the shaping of our future. 

The world is rapidly adopting digital innovations each day, and blockchain technology is a leading invention that enables a new way to make financial transactions. By using blockchain as the backbone, we design a cryptocurrency into our envisioned purpose. 

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