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Corporate sustainability: serious practice or empty branding? Invitation to seminar at BI Nydalen 15 September 15:00-18:00


After 25 years of corporate sustainability, what have we achieved? With experts from BI, NMBU, Rethinking Economics, Global Compact Norway, the Green Party, E24, Eika gruppen and more.

Illustration photo: looking through a building up at a tree.
Illustration photo: looking through a building up at a tree.

See the full programme and register here: https://www.bi.edu/about-bi/events/2022/september/a-quarter-century-of-corporate-sustainability/

Questions the speakers will address:

  • Globalization is asymmetric, and politics lag behind – can corporate responsibility fill the gap?
  • There is much greenwashing in politics and business, but is there virtue in hypocrisy?
  • Corporate sustainability is challenged by ecology, but what about fairness?
  • Do we need to bring the state back in, and is there a case for partnered governance?
  • Is sustainability primarily for front-runners, if so what about the rest?
  • Business is in a squeeze between democratic and autocratic states. What are the ways out?

The debate will moderated by Christian Borch, journalist and former NRK News anchor.


  • Atle Midttun, BI
  • Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, E24
  • Rasmus Hansson, Member of Parliament for the Green Party
  • Ebba Boye, Rethinking Economics
  • Olav Soldal, Rethinking Economics
  • Caroline Ditlev-Simonsen, BI
  • Kim Gabrielli, Global Compact Norway
  • Heikki Eidsvoll Holmås, Multiconsult
  • Marianne Groth, Eika gruppen
  • Petter Nore, Nord University
  • Guro Slettemark, Transparency International Norway
  • Arild Vatn, NMBU

The seminar is a collaboration between BI Norwegian Business School and Rethinking Economics. Registered participants are invited to complimentary tapas and wine after the seminar.



Illustration photo: looking through a building up at a tree.
Illustration photo: looking through a building up at a tree.


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