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ARD Presse: CIVIS Media Prize 2021 | Honours for 8 programmes, plus one Top Award


(Cologne, Germany): The winners of the European CIVIS Media Prize for Integration and Cultural Diversity 2021 have been announced. The main prize of €15,000, the CIVIS TOP AWARD, goes to the podcast Rice and Shine | Hamburg 1980: Als der rechte Terror wieder aufflammte by the authors Minh Thu Tran and Vanessa Vu. The podcast addresses the arson attack on a refugee shelter in Hamburg, in which two young men from Vietnam died in August 1980. The production also picks up the podcast audience prize CIVIS AUDIO AWARD Podcast.

Anja Buwert and Thilo Mischke receive the prize in the category of VIDEO AWARD/Information for ProSieben Spezial. Rechts. Deutsch. Radikal (PQPP2 GmbH | ProSieben). Stefanie Kremser is the winner of the VIDEO AWARD/Entertainment category for Herren (ARTE Deutschland/BR/Das Erste). Michel Abdollahi, Miriam Anna Hochhard, Janina Kalle, Daphne Ivana Sagner, Jan-Nicholas Vogt, Robert Weitkamp are winners in the category of VIDEO AWARD/Social Media Formats for Darf ich dir in die Haare fassen? - Alltagsrassismus in Deutschland (WDR COSMO). The CIVIS AUDIO AWARD in the category of Long Programmes goes to Claudia Gschweitl for Hörbilder: “Willkommen in Weikendorf” (ORF | Ö1). Sabine Wachs made the running in the category of Short Programmes with Der Morgen: Uns bleiben nur die Worte (SR | SR2 KulturRadio). Nele Dehnenkamp takes home the YOUNG C. AWARD for Seepferdchen (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg). The audience prize CIVIS CINEMA AWARD goes to director Faraz Shariat and producer Paulina Lorenz for the film Futur Drei.

Europe’s most prestigious media prize for integration and cultural diversity will be awarded during a TV broadcast. The programme will be available in the ARD Mediathek from Sunday, 23 May, and ARD/Das Erste will broadcast the awards ceremony at 11:35 PM on Monday, 24 May.

Jaafar Abdul Karim will host the ceremony. The prizes will be presented by the actors Annette Frier, Christoph Maria Herbst, Collien Ulmen-Fernandes and Maryam Zaree, the musician Wolfgang Niedecken, the author Frank Schätzing, the former professional footballer Gerald Asamoah and the presenter Dunja Hayali. Their speeches will be streamed during the ceremony. The same will apply to contributions by CIVIS Media Prize partners: Tom Buhrow, Chairman of the CIVIS Board of Trustees, ARD Chairman and WDR Director General; Andreas Freudenberg, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Freudenberg Foundation; Annette Widmann-Mauz, Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration; the Director General Peter Limbourg (Deutsche Welle) and Stefan Raue (Deutschlandradio), the Director General Alexander Wrabetz, (ORF) and Gilles Marchand (SRG SSR), as well as Minu Barati-Fischer (German Producers Alliance).

Almost 800 programmes from 20 EU states and Switzerland took part in the competition for the CIVIS Media Prize. CIVIS is Europe’s most prestigious media prize for integration and cultural diversity. It has been awarded in a variety of categories since 1988. New additions this year are the independent category of Social Media in the CIVIS VIDEO AWARD section and the independent category of Podcasts in the CIVIS AUDIO AWARD section. The European Parliament is patron of the CIVIS Media Prize.

European CIVIS Awards 2021 – in the categories:


ProSieben Spezial. Rechts. Deutsch. Radikal. | Anja Buwert, Thilo Mischke (PQPP2 GmbH | ProSieben)

CIVIS VIDEO AWARD | Entertainment

Herren | Stefanie Kremser (ARTE Deutschland/BR/Das Erste)

CIVIS VIDEO AWARD | Social Media Format

Darf ich dir in die Haare fassen? - Alltagsrassismus in Deutschland | Michel Abdollahi, Miriam Anna Hochhard, Janina Kalle, Daphne Ivana Sagner, Jan-Nicholas Vogt, Robert Weitkamp (WDR COSMO)

CIVIS AUDIO AWARD | Short Programmes

Der Morgen: Uns bleiben nur die Worte | Sabine Wachs (Saarländischer Rundfunk | SR2 Kulturradio)

CIVIS AUDIO | Long Programmes

Hörbilder: “Willkommen in Weikendorf” | Claudia Gschweitl (Österreichischer Rundfunk | Ö1)


Rice and Shine Hamburg 1980: Als der rechte Terror wieder aufflammte | Minh Thu Tran, Vanessa Vu


Seepferdchen | Nele Dehnenkamp (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg)


Futur Drei | Faraz Shariat, Paulina Lorenz (Jünglinge Film, Jost Hering Filme, Iconoclast Germany, La Mosca Bianca Films, Salzgeber)


Rice and Shine Hamburg 1980: Als der rechte Terror wieder aufflammte | Minh Thu Tran, Vanessa Vu

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