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Company announcement no 11/2024 - April 2024 Sales price


April 2024 Sales price

Group sales prices development as follows

  • Q1           2017       1,24 EUR/kg live weight (Jan 1,23 EUR – Feb 1,24 EUR – Marts 1,26 EUR)
  • Q2           2017       1,41 EUR/kg live weight (Apr 1,43 EUR – May 1,41 EUR – June 1,39 EUR)
  • Q3           2017       1,30 EUR/kg live weight (July 1,32 EUR – Aug 1,30 EUR – Sept 1,29 EUR)
  • Q4           2017       1,13 EUR/kg live weight (Oct 1,17 EUR – Nov 1,12 EUR – Dec 1,11 EUR)
  • Q1           2018       1,09 EUR/kg live weight (Jan 1,07 EUR – Feb 1,08 EUR – Marts 1,12 EUR)
  • Q2           2018       1,17 EUR/kg live weight (April 1,18 EUR – May 1,15 EUR – June 1,18 EUR)
  • Q3           2018       1,19 EUR/kg live weight (July 1,19 EUR, August 1,18 EUR, September 1,19)
  • Q4           2018       1,10 EUR/kg live weight (Oct 1,11 EUR – Nov 1,12 EUR – Dec 1,07 EUR)
  • Q1           2019       1,05 EUR/kg live weight (Jan 1,01 EUR – Feb 1,03 – Marts 1,10 EUR)
  • Q2           2019       1,32 EUR/kg live weight (Apr 1,29 EUR – May 1,36 EUR – June 1,29 EUR)
  • Q3           2019       1,28 EUR/kg live weight (July 1,31 EUR and August 1,29 EUR, September 1,25)
  • Q4           2019       1,28 EUR/kg live weight (Oct 1,26 EUR – Nov 1,28 EUR – Dec 1,30 EUR)
  • Q1           2020       1,31 EUR/kg live weight (Jan 1,30 EUR – Feb 1,30 EUR– Marts 1,32 EUR)
  • Q2           2020       1,14 EUR/kg live weight (April 1,23 EUR – May 1,07 EUR – June 1,15 EUR)
  • Q3           2020       1,12 EUR/kg live weight (July 1,14 EUR – August 1,13 EUR – September 1,08)
  • Q4           2020       0,92 EUR/kg live weight (October 0,98 – November 0,88 – December 0,90)
  • Q1           2021       1,03 EUR/ kg live weight (Jan 0,95 EUR – Feb 0,99 EUR – Marts 1,16)
  • Q2           2021       1,20 EUR/ kg live weight (April 1,19 EUR – May 1,17 EUR – June 1,24 EUR)
  • Q3           2021       1,18 EUR/kg live weight (July 1,15 EUR – August 1,23 EUR – September 1,16 EUR)
  • Q4           2021       1,00 EUR/kg live weight (Oct 0,99 EUR – Nov 0,95 EUR – Dec 1,06 EUR)
  • Q1           2022       1,07 EUR/kg live weight (Jan 1,04 EUR - Feb 0,95 EUR – Marts 1,21)
  • Q2           2022       1,39 EUR/kg live weight (April 1,36 EUR - May 1,35 EUR – June 1,46)
  • Q3           2022       1,62 EUR/kg live weight (July 1,57 EUR – August 1,62 EUR – September 1,68)
  • Q4           2022       1,55 EUR/kg live weight (Oct 1,57 EUR – Nov 1,53 EUR – Dec 1,56 EUR)
  • Q1           2023       1,51 EUR/ kg live weight (Jan 1,46 EUR – Feb 1,50 EUR – Marts 1,56)
  • Q2           2023       1,62 EUR/ kg live weight (April 1,60 EUR – May 1,59 EUR – June 1,67 EUR)
  • Q3           2023       1,59 EUR/kg live weight (July 1,69 EUR – August 1,57 EUR – September 1,51)
  • Q4           2023       1,47 EUR/kg live weight (Oct 1,52 EUR – Nov 1,46 EUR – Dec 1,44 EUR)
  • Q1           2024       1,44 EUR/ kg live weight (Jan 1,43 EUR – Feb 1,44 EUR – Marts 1,44)
  • Q2           2024       April 1,43 EUR/ kg live weight

All monthly sales figures are based using official exchange rate from Russian central bank, hence split between EU sales and RU sales prices please use quarterly statements. 

Example is July 2022 combined 1,57 EUR (LT 1,41 and RU 1,90)


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