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Schneider Electric announces global winners of second edition of its Sustainability Impact Awards


- 12 global partners, customers, and suppliers recognized for outstanding performance in either decarbonizing their own operations or decarbonizing the operations of their customers

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced the global winners of the latest Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Awards. The winners were commended for their pioneering decarbonization efforts, both within and beyond their organizations.

Launched in 2022, the awards honor the contribution of Schneider's partner ecosystem in creating a more sustainable and electric world. This year, Schneider broadened the scope of eligible companies to include customers and suppliers as well as channel partners.

This year, entrants were assessed on their integrated approach to sustainability, their efforts to Electrify, Reduce, and Replace and their endeavours to create a Electricity 4.0 future through actions to Strategize, Digitize, and Decarbonize.

These include improving energy efficiency and implementing digital tools and technologies as well as other examples of impact and innovation. Selection criteria also incorporated wider efforts to achieve net-zero targets through the electrification and digitization of operations. In addition to receiving valuable recognition, award winners benefit from global visibility which could lead to new business opportunities.

The Sustainability Impact Awards has been a great platform for us to celebrate the valuable contributions made by our customers and partners worldwide towards decarbonizing not only their own operations but beyond. It remains crucial that we work together to achieve our collective sustainability goals, and we value the opportunity to learn from one another. By opening the Awards to partners, customers and suppliers this year, we hope that in sharing their stories, they will serve as inspiration to organizations worldwide embarking on their decarbonization journey. Massive congratulations to the winners for their exceptional commitment towards making a positive impact,” Rohan Kelkar, EVP for Global Power Products at Schneider Electric said.

Sustainability Impact Awards 2023 Winners

Recognized for Impact to my Enterprise

  • BlackRock, United States’ new headquarters in New York City exemplifies the firm’s sustainable operations goals, with best-in-class energy efficiency, reduced environmental footprint and a healthy indoor environment for employees.
  • CapitaLand, India has resiliently future-proofed its real estate portfolio to guard against climate change risks and avoid premature obsolescence. Implementing smart and sustainable water and energy management, the company has achieved a 20% carbon reduction since 2019.
  • FCOM, Japan successfully decreased Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) from 2.6 to 1.24 by implementing innovations that reduce power consumption and improve operational efficiency. Using its local renewable energy to contribute saving CO2 emissions and planning own smart grid in future. The company even has a 44.5 ha FCOM forest where employees plant and look after paulownia trees.
  • University of New South Wales, Australia is working alongside partners to achieve its Environmental Sustainability plan to reduce its environmental footprint and position its campuses and practices as leaders in sustainability. An innovative solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) will help achieve 100% net-zero emissions over the 15-year PPA term and save an estimated 1.25 million tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • The VELUX Group, Denmark has contracted Schneider Electric's consultancy services to identify and develop initiatives that support VELUX’s Carbon Neutral 2030 goals on Scope 1 and 2 emissions. Since 2023, 100% of power consumed by VELUX comes from renewable sources (up from 98.2% in 2022).

Recognized for Impact to My Customers

  • Acciona, Spain has collaborated with Schneider Electric in recent years to enhance its water sector assets using technology such as a Plant Management System with AVEVA tools and IoT integration. Acciona’s global knowledge and experience, combined with an ecosystem of partners (including Schneider as an important technology partner) enables CECOA (Water Operations Coordination Center) a secure connection with their water infrastructures with real-time data. This insight drives optimizations and efficiencies, for sustainable management of the most precious resource, water.
  • Enterprise Automation, United States has upgraded a water reclamation facility resulting in US$275,000 in chemical costs savings. The condition-based maintenance and asset upgrades improved performance and reduced emissions, while supporting the deployment of energy storage solutions.
  • Markit, Poland supports initiatives like last-mile optimization, life cycle assessments of IT purchases, and equipment upgrades to reduce carbon emissions and indirect water usage. Other innovations to cut energy consumption and carbon emissions have resulted in cost savings, enhanced sustainability, and positive environmental impacts.
  • Paragon, Egypt uses centralized utility data management and energy load metering to monitor efficiency and equipment performance. It has decreased power consumption by 15% with 6% from renewable sources. Water usage also dropped by 15% with a grey water system. The Paragon site’s annual utility expenses achieved 21% in annual energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions by 1,092 tons.
  • TecnoService, Italy partnered with 13 hospitals in Tuscany to boost energy and operational efficiency. By digitalizing mechanical and electrical plants and integrating them in EcoStruxure Building, CO2 emissions were reduced by 41%. The project delivered energy savings equivalent to 3,887 TEP (tons of oil equivalent) and a positive environmental impact, reducing its carbon footprint from 20,448 tons to 12,005 tons of CO2 equivalent.

Recognized for Impact to My Enterprise for Large or Midsize Suppliers

  • SAA AB Engineering Pvt. Ltd., India has addressed both energy efficiency and green energy intensity since 2019. As one of the top 1,000 suppliers participating in Schneider Electric’s Zero Carbon Project, SAAB has increased its consumption of renewable energy to 55.2% and reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emission intensity by 44%.
  • Henkel, Germany sees sustainability as a constant endeavour to make progress and elevate its three central levers to scale up the progress: products, people and partnerships.

Schneider Electric Global Media Relations


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