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Florida-Based Cybersecurity Company Launches Australian Data Centre


ThreatLocker Expands Endpoint Security Services and Data Infrastructure to Australia

Sydney, March 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading cybersecurity solution provider, ThreatLocker, proudly announces the launch of its advanced data centre in Sydney, Australia, just over a year after the grand opening of its second headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. This strategic move aims to enhance cybersecurity capabilities across various sectors in Australia, including the private sector, commonwealth, state, territory, and local governments. 

The expansion of ThreatLocker will assist Australian entities in complying with the urgently recommended Australian Cyber Security Strategy implemented by the Australian Government. Additionally, ThreatLocker offers Zero Trust Application Controls and Ringfencing capabilities that align almost any organization with requirements presented by the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Essential Eight Maturity Model. 

Commenting on the extension of their security footprint, ThreatLocker Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Danny Jenkins said, "Zero Trust is a mindset, and I admire the Australian government's holistic approach, involving the wider community to tackle a modern-day threat." 

Jenkins continued, "As one of the top vendors assisting businesses with Essential Eight guidelines, we are thrilled to strengthen our collaboration with Australia through this centre, bolstering their data protection and compliance initiatives." 

ThreatLocker, founded in 2017 by CEO Danny Jenkins, COO Sami Jenkins, and VP of Quality Assurance John Carolan, protects over 2 million endpoints across more than 40,000 organizations globally. The company provides 24/7/365 support with an average response time of 60 seconds or less. ThreatLocker offers a powerful Zero Trust endpoint protection platform that enables organizations to stop ransomware and other cyberattacks by controlling what software can run in their environments. The combined solutions of ThreatLocker, including Application Allowlisting, Ringfencing™, Storage Control, Elevation Control, and Endpoint Network Control, lead the cybersecurity market toward a more secure approach by blocking the exploits of unknown application vulnerabilities. 


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