You decide: Which Edvard Munch painting do you want to see when arriving at Oslo Airport?


For the first time ever, the public will decide which original Edvard Munch painting will be on display at Oslo airport, this summer and autumn.

MUNCH in Oslo, Norway, houses the world’s largest collection of Edvard Munch’s art. Since 2018, millions of travelers have been able to enjoy experiencing two original artworks by Edvard Munch exhibited at Oslo airport.

Traditionally, MUNCH curates the artworks for display. However, this season, MUNCH turning to art enthusiasts globally to decide: Which of the three treasured originals should be unveiled at the airport come June?

- The airport exhibition is passed by more than 2 million passengers each year, and we are exited that travelers can already experience Edvard Munch's art at the airport. We hope visitors will be inspired to visit MUNCH in Oslo as well, to experience more, says MUNCH Director Tone Hansen.

- For us, displaying Edvard Munch outside of the museum is very important, as our mission is to further knowledge about Edvard Munch to the whole world, Hansen adds.

For Oslo Airport, the display of original artworks is an important part of giving the passengers a wholesome experience when travelling.

- Our airport is so much more than just a place to travel to, it´s a destination to relax, unwind, shop and experience culture and art. We have 125 artworks throughout the airport, with the display of Edvard Munch as the crown jewel. Says a proud Oslo Airport Director Stine Ramstad Westby.

- To be able to let our passengers partake in deciding the next artwork on display is a way to broaden the experiences at the airport even more, and we look very much forward to revealing the results from June this summer, she continues.

Want to vote?

The painting that the public vote for remains to be seen - will it be a motif with women surrounded by lush nature, a self-reflective portrait of Edvard Munch, or a landscape with waves? Click here to vote


Read more about the works here:

Four Women in the Garden (1926)

From 1916, Munch lived at Ekely, a villa surrounded by overgrown gardens and farmland, which he painted in many different ways. In this garden, nature is more than just the background – it is bursting with life, greenness and growth. By contrast, the mood among the women seems strange and melancholy. The women’s colourful clothing contrasts with the many green shades of nature.


Self-Portrait in Hat and Coat (1913–15)

Some of Munch’s self-portraits are funny and light hearted, while others are self-mocking and melancholy. Here, it’s the self-mocking Munch, who doesn’t look entirely happy with what he sees reflected in the mirror. Dressed in his hat and coat, Munch is clearly on his way somewhere, and he seems to be asking himself he question: Where does the road ahead lead?


Waves Breaking on the Rocks (1916–19)

Edvard Munch is not only known for his dramatic images of angst, jealousy, love and death. Nature was also hugely important to him. In Munch’s landscapes, you can recognise a certain atmosphere or mood in nature. A nameless feeling – simply of nature’s existence. You might think: yes, that’s exactly what it feels like to be on the beach when the summer breeze is whipping up. Again and again he painted the coastline, which became a symbolic border between the solid, familiar world and the ocean’s boundless expanse.

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