KLP returns record sum to the municipalities


Good returns in 2023 allowed KLP to return NOK 21.4 billion to Norwegian local municipalities and healthcare customers this year.

Sverre Thornes is CEO of KLP Group.
Sverre Thornes is CEO of KLP Group.

KLP received a surplus return in 2023 that allowes a total of NOK 21.4 billion to be returned to the owners’ premium fund.

– Good returns are the greatest contributor to lower pension costs, which is why it is especially nice to be able to transfer such a big surplus to our customers. We are getting higher returns going forward from both property and interest-bearing investments, and have increased our financial strength over the years. That is why we are in a position to pass on so much of our surplus return, says Sverre Thornes, CEO of KLP.

Key figures 

  • NOK 21.4 billion to be transferred to the customers’ premium fund. 
  • Return on the common portfolio of 2.4 per cent in the fourth quarter and 6.4 per cent in the year. 
  • Total assets in excess of NOK 1,000 billion 

The surplus return in 2023 also provides room to strengthen the solvency by NOK 6.4 billion.

Read the quarterly report here


About KLP KLP, the pension fund for Norway’s municipal employees, is the country’s biggest occupational pension fund with N0K900bn (€88bn) under management. KLP is a mutual company, owned by Norwegian municipalities, health trusts and publicly owned companies. KLP has strict self-imposed guidelines for responsible investments, climate, and sustainability, and has released one of the industry most ambitious net zero emissions roadmaps “The Road to Paris”. - https://www.klp.no/en/corporate-responsibility-and-responsible-investments/klps- roadmap-to-net-zero

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