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One Data and VW Group announce cooperation to solve uneven distribution of critical components


One Data’s AI matching platform Wavetrade allows semiconductors and chips to be exchanged, purchased and sold

Passau, December 8, 2023. German software company One Data today announced a cooperation with German Volkswagen AG (VW), with the aim of counteracting the uneven distribution of critical components. Although global supply chains are under less strain now than in previous months, the situation is still highly imbalanced. The AI-based matching platform Wavetrade solves this problem, as it gives participants access to the surplus stock of critical components held by other partners, meaning semiconductors and chips can be exchanged, purchased and sold.

“Trading critical components without a systematic platform in place is extremely time-consuming. The Wavetrade platform can help to strengthen the liquidity of our suppliers while ensuring the resilience of supply chains and can be seen as a best-practice example of the sharing economy in that it prevents production stops and reduces surplus capacity,” states Karsten Schnake, head of the operative and strategic semiconductor taskforce COMPASS at Volkswagen AG.

By using the platform, participants can boost the resilience of the supply chain, cut back on surplus capacity and optimize their net working capital, improve the sustainability of goods flows, and benefit from the chip inventories of other branches. This is because Wavetrade participants come from various industries – it is not limited solely to the automotive sector.

“A lack of information is largely responsible for disruptions to supply chains and surplus capacities because companies are simply unable to find out if the chips they need are available in the market or if they are required elsewhere. Up to now, this balance could only be redressed in the form of labor-intensive taskforces, and even then purely in the short term and in an unsystematic way. Wavetrade creates transparency and enables to actively counteract,” explains Dr. Stefan Roskos, Managing Director of One Data GmbH.

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