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Richborough Battery Energy Park is Officially Handed Over to Shell to Begin Trading on the Energy Markets


London, Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Pacific Green is happy to report that control of the first stage of the 99.8 MWh Richborough Battery Energy Park (“REP2”) has been handed over to Shell Energy Europe Limited (“Shell”) which will provide dispatch trading and optimisation services after testing is concluded.

During the w/c the 6th of November, all the REP2 testing and commissioning was successfully completed to the satisfaction of the National Grid and control of the asset was handed to Shell. The technical team at Shell, working alongside their energy trading colleagues, will complete the fine-tuning before entering the asset into commercial markets.

This is an important milestone toward full commercial operation scheduled to take place by the end of 2023 and marks the end of a successful development and construction process for the Battery Energy Storage project purchased from Pacific Green by Sosteno Fund 1 in June 2023.

Rupen Tanna, Head of Power and Systematic Trading, Shell Energy Europe Limited commented: “We are delighted to partner with Pacific Green to optimise the Richborough Battery Energy Park, one of the UK’s major battery projects. When operating at full capacity, it will play a crucial role in supporting the country's transition to a flexible and low-carbon energy system.”

Scott Poulter, Pacific Green’s CEO commented:“Our team have been working closely with Shell engineers over a number of months and this marks the culmination of those efforts. We are excited to move into full operations and start delivering valuable support and stability services to a critical area of the UK’s transmission network. The Shell team has considerable experience in managing energy assets and we are pleased to pass the optimisation of the asset into their hands at the start of this 10 year contract”

About Pacific Green Technologies, Inc.:

Pacific Green is focused on addressing the world’s need for cleaner and more sustainable energy. It offers grid-scale battery energy storage systems, renewable and environmental technologies.

For more information, visit Pacific Green’s website:

About Shell Energy Europe

Shell Energy Europe is present in 14 European power markets, offtaking renewable power from wind farms and solar parks in mainland Europe and the UK and providing business customers with innovative, reliable and cleaner energy solutions to help them navigate through the energy transition.

Shell Energy Europe Limited acts through its agent, Shell Trading and Shipping Company Limited.

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