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DROPRACKS makes history as the first Norwegian company to ever display at the SEMA show in the USA.

Norwegian outdoor brand DROPRACKS showcases its cutting-edge and patented roof racks that redefine the category by quickly lowering the entire rack and any accessories mounted on it to an easy-to-access level. LAS VEGAS (Oct. 30, 2023) – DROPRACKS, a European manufacturer of highly-engineered automotive and recreational roof racks, accessories and mounting systems, enters the North American market at this year’s 2023 SEMA Show.

The concept for the Norwegian-based product started among business and engineering students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, who realized a need to mount their outdoor recreation accessories to vehicles more simply and seamlessly than anything currently found on the market. As automotive enthusiasts, skiers and outdoor athletes, they set their sights on figuring out a less cumbersome approach to mounting accessories atop various vehicle types. 

The result of that quest is DROPRACKS and its line of patented roof racks that allow for quick, safe and easy loading and unloading of various outdoor products and equipment from the top of vehicles. The patented kinematic DROPRACKS concept brings the horizontal roof loading platform easily down to a waist or chest height level. It has several built-in safety mechanisms that provide the consumer with risk-free complete control of the overhead weight load while preserving the integrity of the vehicle and gear. DROPRACKS is compatible with many existing rack accessories for kayaks, bikes, skis, roof storage and more. 

DROPRACKS founder Helge Dimmen and the group used their backgrounds in engineering, product development and construction to prototype a creative solution that met the needs of their outdoor lifestyle and solved challenges within the vehicle-based recreation category. Entrepreneur Gaute Ringvold joined Dimmen to take over as CEO to bring strategic expertise and scale the company. Together, in 2019, they launched the innovative roof rack system in Norway and produced a product that would benefit many consumers. They later teamed up with Hettich Group, a global leader in kinematic solutions for housing and automotive industries.

DROPRACKS products are available in three different models and sizes: DROPRACKS Sport for passenger cars and European SUVs, DROPRACKS XL for vans, pickups and U.S. market SUVs, and DROPRACKS Tall Van Edition for Sprinter Vans, Tall SUVs and certain full-size overland-style truck models. 

At this year’s 2023 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show, DROPRACKS makes history as the first Norwegian company to ever display at the show as it officially debuts into the North American market. DROPRACKS has also been nominated for SEMA’s 2023 Product Innovation Awards.

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Born out of the necessity to engage more people outdoors, DROPRACKS' patented technology makes it easier to lift equipment on and off vehicles with product innovation, design and engineering. DROPRACKS offers complete control to load or unload various outdoor recreation equipment. Enjoy the ease of loading or unloading accessories like kayaks, e-bikes, mountain bikes, skis, snowboards, or anything else you might need for your next vehicle-based adventure.

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