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Italy-USA: Business Care International Award ceremony in NY, special award to Marco Durante


NEW YORK, Oct. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Consulate General of Italy in New York hosted the awards ceremony for the 6th edition of the 'Business Care International Award' on Thursday. The recognition, as explained by the creator of the award and president of Business Care Communication, Massimo Veccia, is awarded every year to the personalities representing the "best contemporary Italian spirit." New to this year's edition was the Special Award to the 'Best Italian Entrepreneur in the United States of America 2023-2024', awarded to Marco Maria Durante, publisher of the LaPresse news agency. "LaPresse has entered the American market, we have opened a company called LaPresse USA Inc, of which I am President. We have made investments in this country," commented Durante during the ceremony. "But above all in these last five years we have made a turning point in the company, thanks also to the chief editor Alessia Lautone, who I thank, because she has truly brought about a change in the agency," added Durante. During the ceremony, which was attended by the Consul General of Italy, Fabrizio Di Michele, the following were awarded: Alberto Milani, president of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce; Mauro Porcini, chief design officer Pepsico USA; Pasquale Santangeli, cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, Ohio); Maria Rita Grieco, deputy director of TG1 Rai; Sally Fischer, president Sally Fischer Public Relations; and Rosario Procino, founder and director of the Ribalta restaurant in New York. Representing the Italian Parliament is the Honorable Christian Di Sanzo, elected in the North America constituency and member of the Productive Activities Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. "It is a selection of truly important excellences, who converge on New York or are based in New York. And the peculiarity of this award is precisely that it brings together personalities from very different backgrounds, who however have had success as Italians. They are people of which we are not only proud of, but with which we try to work and network to promote Italy in New York and in the United States," said Consul Di Michele. "Once upon a time people emigrated from Italy to America out of necessity, out of poverty, now in search of opportunities," commented di Sanzo. "These awards are a recognition of the contribution that the new immigration gives to the United States and Italy."

Translations for Italy-USA: Business Care International Award Ceremony in NY

Fabrizio Di Michele 01:05
Here we colonised the research and academic world. We are great doing business, art and creativity. It is true that we are good at creating network and helping reach others abroad, but the Italians have a tradition of individualism, we can't change ourselves.

Marco Durante 01:31
Absurd, I take the prize as Italian in New York and in this moment, I represent Italy. This honours me so much because this is my country. I spend 15 days a month here, the rest of the time between Spain, Italy where I have my family between Milan and Rome and also London. It's evident that Maradona would not win any championship without a great team.

I am lucky to have a great team that brought me and helped me to arrive where we are now. This is a team made of all my employees. For example today there is Marco Liconti, an Italian journalist, our correspondent in Washington who covers the activity of the ambassador Mariangela Zappia. We have another important reality, AP, Associated Press. This has been an important marriage, I believe that this has been the most important moment in my career. If we had not found them maybe I would not be here. They help us a lot, they are here today with the cameras, with the photographers and also this event will be spread all over the world and this will ease our job.

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