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Dividend Payment Procedure for shareholders of AB Linas Agro Group


The General meeting of shareholders held on 27 October 2023 approved the allocation of the profit of AB Linas Agro Group, which included a pay-out of dividends - 0.026 euro shall be paid for each ordinary registered share. Dividends shall be paid out to persons who were the shareholders of AB Linas Agro Group at the end of the dividend record day - 14 November 2023.

The first Ex-Date from which the shares of AB Linas Agro Group (ISIN code LT0000128092) acquired on a regulated market (i.e., a stock exchange) with a settlement cycle of T+2 do not entitle the holder to receive dividends for the financial year 2022/2023 shall be 13 November 2023.

The dividends will be paid to the securities account managers of the AB Linas Agro Group shareholders through Nasdaq CSD SE Lithuanian branch. After the deduction of tax, the dividend amount will be transferred to the shareholders’ accounts held with the respective financial brokerage company or credit institution.

Taxation of dividends:

  • Dividends of natural persons residents of the Republic of Lithuania and foreign countries shall be subject to 15 % of the Personal Income Tax rate;
  • Dividends of legal entities residents of the Republic of Lithuania and foreign countries shall be subject to 15 % of the Corporate Profit Tax rate unless otherwise provided for in the laws.

Additional information:

Mažvydas Šileika

CFO of AB Linas Agro Group

Mob. +370 619 19 403


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