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Official Statement: Saurabh Chandrakar Clarifies Misinformation Surrounding Wedding Expenses and Other Allegations


DELHI, India, Oct. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In light of recent media reports surrounding the Mahadev App case, Mr. Saurabh Chandrakar, an entrepreneur hailing from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, finds it imperative to address the glaring misinformation and unfounded accusations that have surfaced. As a dedicated businessman with an unblemished record, Mr. Chandrakar has been taken aback by the baseless claims regarding his alleged involvement in illicit activities.

Contrary to sensationalized reports, Mr. Chandrakar vehemently asserts that the entire wedding ceremony, costing around AED 10 million, was entirely funded by his internal accruals and savings. Meticulous well-documented records substantiating the sources of his income are available. Circulating news suggesting a payment of INR 200 Crores in cash raise incredulity, and while Mr. Chandrakar questions the feasibility of such an enormous cash transaction, he emphasizes the lack of practicality of such claims.

Mr. Chandrakar refutes claims about the alleged extravagant expenses reported by certain sources. He specifically indicates that all financial aspects of the event were overseen by professional event managers, and no cash transactions were involved at any stage of the planning or execution; to insinuate otherwise is purely speculative and unfounded. Documents and financial records are available to substantiate these facts, providing clear evidence that dispels any notions of impropriety.

Furthermore, Mr. Chandrakar firmly believes that the mention of celebrities at the event was grossly exaggerated. He indicates that all those who attended the wedding were engaged by the event management company, which facilitated their attendance. Mr. Chandrakar is also keen to emphasize that all artists were hired by the company exclusively to attend and perform at the event. There were no direct financial transactions between Mr. Chandrakar and these celebrities, as all payments were processed in complete transparency through the event management company, via legal banking channels.

Mr. Chandrakar strongly asserts no association with the Mahadev App or its operations. Accusations depicting him as the "Founder/Promoter/Director" of the Mahadev App lack credibility and are unequivocally false. Additionally, claims about his involvement in 60 illicit offshore platforms are baseless and entirely unsubstantiated.

Mr. Chandrakar vehemently denies any suspicious connections with individuals or organisations that participate in unlawful activities. Any similar allegations are merely rumours, completely baseless, and nothing more than ‘a figment of imagination.’ He strongly expresses astonishment at such allegations.

It is also imperative to clarify that there are no operations in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or Nepal associated with Mr. Chandrakar. Such claims are entirely false and defamatory, lacking any shred of truth. Mr. Chandrakar has never travelled to these countries, and any claims of his alleged participation in illicit activities in these regions lack any foundation and completely slanderous.

Mr. Chandrakar earnestly urges media outlets to cease spreading unfounded rumours and sensationalized and exaggerated stories that not only tarnish his reputation but also erode public trust in responsible journalism.

Source: Newsbeatwire

Saurabh Chandrakar

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