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Together for women’s football – together for Europe

The Women’s EURO 2025 in the Nordics is set to be the biggest UEFA Women’s EURO edition of the tournament, with more than 800.000 tickets available for sale and with a strong vibe of togetherness.

Dette er en felles pressemelding fra det norske, svenske og danske og finske fotballforbundet

The date for UEFA to announce the host for the WEURO 2025 was set to January 25th. UEFA has now informed all bidders of a postponement. The decision regarding hosting of the tournament will instead be made in early April, with the exact date still to be communicated.

The football associations of the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden submitted the bid for the WEURO 2025 on October 12th. The four capital cities of Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki, together with one additional city from each of the four countries - Odense, Göteborg, Trondheim and Tampere - are suggested as host cities. Bids from France, Switzerland and Poland have also been submitted to UEFA.

Since submitting the bid in October, the associations have been involved in dialogue and discussions with UEFA regarding the content of the bid. The associations have experienced the dialogue with UEFA so far as positive and constructive and see the current postponement as a great opportunity to further tailor the bid to UEFA’s needs. The following months also be used for planning for a potential appointment in April, with a quick roll-out of the project organization and start-up of all projects.

FA Presidents’ statements:

  • Lise Klaveness, president, Norwegian Football Association: “Women’s football in the Nordic countries has so much to offer. We offer to share with the rest of Europe our joint ambition to leave a long-lasting legacy of truly equal opportunities in football.”
  • Ari Lahti, president, Finnish Football Association: “Football is a powerful opportunity to make a change. Our Nordic bid offers to take the UEFA Women’s EURO to the next level by growing the fan culture of women’s football and organizing the biggest Women’s EURO ever.”
  • Karl-Erik Nilsson, president, Swedish Football Association, said: “Together we are stronger and together we have great ambitions for the development of women’s football. The UEFA Women’s Euro in the Nordic countries will strengthen the women’s football with a focus on sustainability, safety, and equal societies.”
  • Jesper Møller, president, Danish Football Association: “The Nordic bid for UEFA Women's EURO 2025 is much more than a championship - it is a team work to grow women's football in all of Europe and to ensure the continued development of women's football for equal opportunities, more diversity and better sustainability across our common Nordic visions and values.”

Nordics 2025 – next steps:

During first half of January 2023, a group of Nordic top players will announce their support for Nordics 2025. Further announcements are currently being planning for February and March 2023.

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