New Board of Directors, The Nordic Offshore and Maritime Arbitration Association


Following recent meetings in Copenhagen, The Nordic Offshore and Maritime Arbitration Association ("Nordic Arbitration") has elected a new Board of Directors, and in total there are now 12 board members. The meetings in Copenhagen represent a milestone in the development of the Association. Key developments include that the Nordic Arbitration clause already has been incorporated into a number of contracts. There are high expectations that the arbitration clause will be incorporated in the 2019 revision of the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan, and other standard agreements. 

The members of the Board of Directors are as follows: 

  • Henrik Thal Jantzen. Advokat 
  • Jon Stokholm. Højesteretsdommer 
  • Mads Bundgaard Larsen. Vicepræsident i Sø- og Handelsretten 
  • Peter Arnt Nielsen. Professor 
  • Svante O. Johansson. Justitieråd 
  • Annica Börjesson. Advokat 
  • Jan Aminoff. Advokat 
  • Hannu Honka. Professor 
  • Tore Schei, tidligere Høyesterettsjustitiarius 
  • Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen. Professor 
  • Harald Kobbe. Advokat 
  • Georg Scheel. Advokat 

-      On behalf of the Association, I will thank all the board members for accepting to be a part of the efforts to create a Nordic arbitration association. This is a common Nordic effort, and based on the belief that we are stronger together. The aim is to create an independent, high quality association to promote and facilitate that the Nordic countries will be a centre for international arbitrations, says board member Georg Scheel.

 About Nordic Arbitration

The Nordic Offshore and Maritime Arbitration Association was established 28 November 2017 on the initiative of the Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish Maritime Law Associations. The Nordic countries have long traditions for settling disputes within the maritime- and offshore industry by arbitration. Traditionally, ad hoc arbitration has been dominant in the Nordics, particularly in Norway and Denmark, while Sweden and Finland have stronger traditions for institutional arbitration. In a globalized field as shipping- and offshore, the Nordic industry and the Nordic legal environment recognize that it will be useful to develop an even more common approach to Nordic arbitration. In this context, the 

Maritime Law Associations together with the industry has developed the NOMA Rules and NOMA Best Practice Guidelines, in order to promote transparent and cost-efficient arbitrations. 

For more information, please contact Georg Scheel, + 47 9153 56 02 or

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