Ørn Software Holding AS

Ørn Software Holding AS (ORN): Notifiable transaction

24.11.2021 16:22:48 CET | Ørn Software Holding AS | Mandatory notification of trade primary insiders

Kaare Olsen Invest AS, a close associate of CTO Kaare Olsen, has on 24 November 2021 acquired 10,250 shares in Ørn Software Holding AS at a price of NOK 9.80 per share. Following such transaction, Kaare Olsen Invest AS has a total holding of 163,747 shares in Ørn Software Holding AS. In addition, Kaare Olsen holds 60,000 options in Ørn Software Holding AS. Please see the attached form for further information.

Disclosure regulation

​This information is such that Ørn Software Holding AS is required to disclose in accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation.

​This information was submitted for publication by the Company's CFO, Vidar Andre Løken.


Sten-Roger Karlsen

CEO Ørn Software


Vidar Andre Løken

CFO Ørn Software


About Ørn Software Holding AS

Ørn Software is a Nordic provider of SaaS solutions enabling efficient operations and maintenance across a wide range of asset-heavy industries, including real estate, manufacturing, food & beverages, and aquaculture.

The Group's software provides customers with improved insight through data-driven operations and contributes to increased efficiency and reduced costs through digitalization of rental processes, data-driven maintenance scheduling and energy optimization. All of the above contribute to the lengthening of property and equipment lifespan, a key component of Ørn Software's value proposition. Furthermore, the Group’s offering enables customers to reduce their environmental footprint and provides digital tools to meet reporting and regulatory requirements.


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