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Andfjord Salmon AS: First pool hooked up

26.2.2021 08:42:42 CET | Andfjord Salmon | Non-regulatory press releases

Andfjord Salmon has successfully installed the time-critical sections of the water outlet pipeline for the company’s first pool, meaning that the most central building-blocks of its flow-through system are now connected to the surrounding ocean at Andøya.

The water inlet pipeline, which is the main artery to the first salmon farming pool, was connected to the pool in mid-January.

“We are very pleased that the two most weather-dependent and time-critical installations have been completed. These installations bring us a major step closer towards function testing of the first pool, which will help further de-risk our build-out at Kvalnes and our technology solution in general,” says Martin Rasmussen, CEO of Andfjord Salmon™.

Some electrical and automation installations as well as installation of less time-critical pipeline connections remain before the first pool is ready for water testing.

The company’s flow-through technology, utilizing fresh seawater from the surrounding Andfjorden, is a key enabler towards reaching Andfjord Salmon’s objective of building the world's most fish-friendly and sustainable fish farm on land.

Andfjord Salmon has developed a flow-through system that will provide unique conditions for salmon farming on land. Without the use of energy, the pools fill themselves with seawater from a water depth of 160 meters. Organic biomass will be captured and recycled into growth products for agriculture.



Bjarne Martinsen, CFO

Andfjord Salmon AS

About Andfjord Salmon

Andfjord Salmon has developed an innovative and sustainable aquaculture concept for shore-based farming of Atlantic salmon. The company’s ambition is to build the world’s most sustainable aquaculture facility of its kind. The facility is escape-proof, lice-free and its highly filtered effluent avoids polluting marine life.

Located at Kvalnes on the island of Andøya on the Arctic archipelago of Vesterålen, Norway, the company’s first facility is currently under construction. The company holds a license for 10,000 tonnes maximum allowed biomass (MAB) for land-based farming of Atlantic salmon and has secured rights to land for a potential expansion of an additional 60,000 tonnes MAB production capacity. Further expansion is subject to the zoning of the land and granting of licenses.

Andfjord Salmon AS is listed on Euronext Growth under the ticker ANDF.

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