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MCF – Motorsykkelimportørenes Forening

Stadig flere ser motorsykkelens fordeler: Norgesfokus og tur-kjøring gir økt MC-salg - Kvinner inntar MC-markedet som aldri før!4.8.2020 15:24:13 CEST | MCF – Motorsykkelimportørenes Forening

4. august 2020 – Tallene som Motorsykkelimportørenes Forening (MCF) har innhentet fra Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken, viser at salget av tunge motorsykler frem til 31.07 i år er gått opp fra i fjor med 8,9 %, dvs. en økning fra 4.912 i 2019 til 5.348 i 2020. I alt ble det solgt 832 store motorsykler i juli måned.
Autodoc GmbH

Autodoc also sees profitable growth in 2019 and continues its expansion course in Europe4.8.2020 10:00:00 CEST | Autodoc GmbH

Sales target for 2019 achieved: strong organic sales growth of 48% to EUR615m EBITDA reaches EUR44.6m, up 50% Operations expanded to Ireland in June 2020, bringing the total to 27 countries Turnover target of over EUR800m for 2020 (BERLIN): – Autodoc, Europe's leading online dealer in the automotive aftermarket, also grew profitably in the fiscal year 2019, thus continuing its consistent success story that began in its founding year of 2008.The company was able to significantly increase its sales and turnover of automotive spare parts, consumables and accessories on the internet. Net sales increased by 48% year-on-year to EUR615.0m (2018: EUR415m). As a result, Autodoc achieved its own sales target of over EUR600m. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) increased by 50% to EUR44.6m (2018: EUR29.7m). The return on sales improved slightly to 5.0% (2018: 4.8%). Autodoc's customers are end consumers (B2C) and increasingly also corporate customers (B2B), esp
GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG

GSB Gold Standard Corporation, Josip Heit and the Blockchain Technology4.8.2020 08:45:46 CEST | GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG

The blockchain technology is one of the most discussed innovations of the digital transformation of economy and society, which is comprehensively implemented by GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG. According to Josip Heit, this is the only reasonable way for the future, from an uncontrolled to a sustainable regulated market. With features such as decentralisation, reliability and counterfeit protection, the block chain technology opens up a wide field of innovative applications and new forms of cooperation. A block chain is a continuously expandable list of data records, also known as "blocks", which are linked together by means of cryptographic procedures. Each block typically contains a cryptographically secure hash (scatter value) of the previous block, a time stamp and unalterable transaction data. The block chain technology was developed based on the vision of a decentralized distributed system that would replace centralized instances and enable transactions to take place dir
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